The conical screw mixer is a highly efficient mixing equipment commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food processing. Its design features a conical-shaped vessel with a screw inside. The screw rotates within the vessel, creating a gentle and effective mixing action.

The conical powder mixer ensures thorough blending by utilizing both convective and diffusive mixing principles. The rotation of the screw lifts the material from the bottom to the top of the vessel while simultaneously pushing it toward the walls. This movement creates a continuous flow pattern that guarantees excellent mixing results.

One of the key advantages of the conical screw mixer is its ability to achieve homogeneous mixtures, even with materials of varying particle sizes and densities. The screw's design and rotation speed can be adjusted to suit specific mixing requirements. Additionally, the mixer's conical shape promotes self-emptying, facilitating easy discharge of the blended materials.

As one of the best pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers. Zhanghua provides the vertical cone screw blender and offers efficient and reliable mixing solutions for a wide range of industries. It's conical vessel and rotating screw ensure thorough blending of different materials, resulting in homogeneous mixtures. With its versatility and customizable features, this mixer is an indispensable tool for achieving consistent and high-quality mixing results.

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