Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer Working Principle

March 15, 2023

Do you need to dry delicate materials that cannot withstand high temperatures? If so, then a double cone rotary vacuum dryer may be the perfect solution for your needs. This type of dryer works by using a rotating drum in combination with a vacuum system to remove moisture from wet material without causing damage.

In this article, we will discuss how it works and why it is such an effective tool for drying sensitive materials. So if you're looking for an efficient way to get rid of excess moisture, read on and learn more about the working principle of double cone rotary vacuum dryers!

How It Works – Basic Principles

Double-cone vacuum dryers use a combination of heat and vacuum pressure to remove moisture from wet materials without causing damage. A rotating drum is filled with the material to be dried, which is then sealed and placed under a vacuum.

Heat is applied to the internal chamber of the drum during this time, and as the air pressure inside decreases, the moisture in the material evaporates and is collected on the walls of the drum. This moisture is then removed by a condenser system and discharged from the chamber.

Applications And Where It Is Used

Here are some industries and applications where this type of dryer is commonly used:


Double cone rotary vacuum dryers are often used in pharmaceutical production lines due to their ability to handle delicate ingredients such as active ingredients and excipients.

Food Processing

This type of dryer is also widely used in food processing plants due to its ability to quickly and safely remove moisture from food products like fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, etc., while preserving their quality and flavour.

Chemical Processing

Double cone rotary vacuum dryers are also popularly used in chemical processing plants due to their ability to effectively evaporate solvents from chemicals while avoiding contamination or degradation of the product.

Plastics Processing

This type of dryer is also often used in plastic processing plants to ensure that moisture does not degrade the quality or structure of the plastic material during production.

Textile Manufacturing

Double cone rotary vacuum dryers are commonly used in textile manufacturing applications due to their ability to quickly and efficiently remove excess moisture from fabrics without damaging sensitive fibers.

Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer Machine

Steps Involved In The Drying Process

A double cone vacuum dryer works by combining heat and a vacuum to evaporate moisture from wet materials. This process involves several steps, which are as follows:

Filling the Drum

The first step is to fill the drum of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer with the material that needs to be dried. The drum is then sealed in order to create a vacuum-sealed environment.

Heating the Chamber

Once the chamber is sealed, heat is applied to it in order to create an environment where moisture can evaporate more easily. This process can be done through steam or hot air heating depending on the type of machine being used.

Evaporating Moisture From Material

As the temperature inside the chamber increases, moisture begins to evaporate from the material and is collected on the walls of the drum. During this time, a condenser system removes this collected moisture and stores it so that it can be discharged later.

Cooling & Discharging Materials

Once all of the moisture has been removed from the material, it is cooled down and discharged from the dryer. At this point, it is ready for further processing or packaging as needed.


To ensure optimal performance, it is important for operators to properly maintain their double cone rotary vacuum dryers on a regular basis by cleaning them and checking for any potential issues such as worn-out parts or leaking seals. This will help prolong their life span and ensure that they are always working at peak efficiency levels when drying materials!


The double cone rotary vacuum design dryer is an incredibly versatile and effective machine for drying wet materials. It can be used in a wide variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals to food processing to plastics or textile manufacturing.

The process involves several steps including filling the drum with material, heating up the chamber, evaporating moisture, cooling down and discharging the product and maintaining/cleaning the machine regularly.

With proper maintenance and use of this type of dryer, businesses can effectively remove moisture while preserving quality without any damage caused by heat or pressure.

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