A thin film evaporator is a specialized device used for distillation, concentration, or purification of liquid solutions. It operates by creating a thin film of liquid on a heated surface, promoting the evaporation of volatile components. This equipment is particularly useful for processing heat-sensitive and viscous materials. With its cylindrical body, heating jacket, rotating wiper system, and condenser, the Thin Film Evaporator efficiently evaporates the liquid feed, condenses the vapors, and collects the distillate or concentrate. Its advantages include shorter residence time, high heat transfer efficiency, and minimal product degradation. This technology finds applications in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and oil refining, enabling efficient separation and purification of liquid solutions.

Zhanghua is a professional pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer in China. We have focused on manufacturing quality High-end reacting, crystallizing, filtering, and drying equipment for more than 45 years. We produce the thin film evaporator is a versatile equipment used for distillation and concentration processes. With its ability to handle heat-sensitive substances and provide efficient separation, it plays a crucial role in various industries. By creating a thin liquid film on a heated surface, it facilitates the evaporation and condensation of volatile components, resulting in high-quality distillate or concentrate.

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