Indentation Tester


An indentation tester is a type of testing device used to measure the hardness and resistance of materials. The tester works by creating an indentation on the surface of the material using a diamond or other hard indent. The size and depth of the indentation are then measured and used to calculate the material's hardness or other relevant properties.

Indentation testers are commonly used in the manufacturing industry to assess the quality and durability of materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites. They can also be used to evaluate coatings, thin films, and other surface treatments.

The results obtained from indentation testing can provide valuable information about a material's suitability for different applications, as well as help identify potential issues with manufacturing processes or material defects. With their high precision and accuracy, indentation testers are an important tool for ensuring the quality and reliability of materials in various industries.

Frequently Ask Questions
  • What can be detected by the equipment?
    Hardness, Yield Strength, Tensile Property, Fracture Toughness, Biaxial Residual Stress, Creep Condition Under High Temperature
  • Are there any successful cases of the indentation tester?
    1. It provided the residual stress testing results of metal materials during heating treatment and welding process for many large manufacturers of petroleum and petrochemical equipment to assist their engineering team to optimize the technical solutions.              

    2. Our machines was helped inspection and testing institutions of special equipment in various provinces and regions to improve their testing reports from multiple levels with more fair, detailed and objective results.
  • What is the service life of the tester? 
    The whole tester comes with two years' guarantee and the ball pressure head can be used about 3000 times.
  • How to repair it if the malfunction occurs?
    24-hour online guidance service. Spare parts of the tester can be sent back to the manufacturer for free replacement if the machine is under warranty. If it is not under warranty, standard spare parts can be provided, and charges will be billed at cost.
  • Does the indentation tester obtain any testing certificates from authoritative organizations?
    GB/T39635-2020,GB/T21838.1-2019.GB/T 37782-2019
    ISO KS B0950(2002).KS B0951(2005)
    KS ISO/TR 29381(2008).ISO/TR 29381 ANNEX(2008)
    ASME CODE CASE 2703(2011).CODE CASE N-881(2017)
    CSTM T/CSTM 00824(2023),T/CSTM 00825-2023.T/CSTM00826-2023.
  • Can indentation tester be used for all kinds of materials? Are there any materials not applicable?
    Metal and some non-metallic materials

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