The Base Guide to Single Conical Vacuum Dryer

August 30, 2023

Wuxi Zhanghua's single conical vacuum dryer is a piece of vacuum drying equipment with a fully sealed design and indirect material heating function, especially suitable for drying dangerous and toxic materials containing solution or moisture, and can reduce the humidity to a very low level.

Due to the very gentle mixing method, even mechanically sensitive materials will not be damaged; after drying, the quality of the material is preserved, even as good as the original material; the driving force required is very low. High vacuum condition ensures relatively lower drying temperatures (obviously, it is an advantage for treating heat-sensitive materials), good heat transfer, and short drying time with less energy consumption

Dust particles will be trapped in the container by the filter installed, and the material can be treated continuously by complete and easy discharge without increasing losses. Not just solids, the integrated vacuum equipment in the closed system also recycles moisture and solutions.

Single conical dryer


Driving principle of single conical vacuum dryer

Wuxi Zhanghua 's single conical dryer and mixers all use the system of trial and post with a rotating, self-supporting stirring spiral shaft. It only attaches at the upper part of the rotary arm, and it can be moved close to the inner wall of the container to concentratedly and gently mix powders and other materials to get the final reliable bulk products.

The complete drive unit includes a drive system and dispersed motors for the stirring arm and spiral, installed on the top of the equipment and at the center of the top cover, easy to maintain and replace, which is one of the standard specifications of Wuxi Zhanghua 's single-cone mixer and dryer.

The modular construction of seals and bearing boxes, as well as the robust construction of the drive and rotary arms, are quite reliable and reduce downtime. These verified technologies have been successfully applied to many installation cases. Each design has its own unique features, advantages, and a wide range of applications.

Working principle

Bevel gear transmission

Spiral shaft motors transmit force to where they rotate through a rotary shaft and a bevel gear.

Working principle of single conical vacuum dryer

Safety chamber with a leak indicator

  • Traditional and reliable bevel gear design

  • Option: Stirring shaft can be heated to shorten drying time and avoid build-up.


Belt drive

The force is transmitted to the spiral shaft through a rotating arm at the upper end and an oil-free transmission belt.

Belt drive of single conical vacuum dryer

  • With easy-to-change modules, pre-assembled for sealing and storage

  • Conform to the principle of high speed and low torque

  • Option: System sealing outside the container


Before feeding the wet material or solution into the single conical vacuum dryer, fill the container with nitrogen to remove the oxygen inside. This can prevent the potentially explosive atmosphere inside the container.                                                                                                                                                                   

single conical vacuum dryer



After insertion, the wet material from the centrifuge and the filter (such as the filter cake, solids, and powders) will be fed into the dryer.



The vacuuming and heating of the dryer are carried out simultaneously for good effect. The whole equipment can be heated by the jacket, while the spiral shaft can be used for auxiliary heating.

During the process, adjust the stirring speed by the agitator, keep stirring the material, and remain in a state of vacuum and constant temperature (acceptable temperature of the material) until the humidity of the material reaches the requirement.      

   Zhanghua single conical vacuum dryer



After drying, the material needs to be cooled to appreciate temperature before discharge.


The dried and cooled product is delivered to a tank, a container, or the transport system by gravity from a discharge valve at the bottom with the assistance of the spiral shaft and stirring arm to maintain a high output without residuals left behind.

Discharge of single conical vacuum dryer 

Clean/ Online clean

The interior of the equipment is cleaned between each individual production batch, or before material change, welded or removable nozzles spray the cleaning liquid on the inner surface of the dryer. All surfaces in contact with materials are wetted, flushed, and cleaned, which is effective.

Cleaning single conical vacuum dryer

Features of single conical vacuum dryer

The single conical vacuum dryer from Wuxi Zhanghua offers various technical parameters and features. It ensures a short drying time and operates within a fully closed system. The drying speed can be adjusted according to the product requirements. Additionally, it includes a perfect online cleaning device and offers complete discharge performance, achieving a product recovery rate of nearly 100%.

The operator and product safety are prioritized, and the dryer is designed to be flexible in its applications. It can accommodate a filling volume ranging from 10% to 100% of the total workload. With its large capacity, the dryer enables efficient solvent recovery while consuming low drive power compared to other models.

The drying process is gentle, and there is no bottom bearing, allowing for easy discharge and cleaning with a working volume of up to 6ml. The sealing system ensures safety and compliance with ATEX standards, and various sealing materials can be utilized. After drying, there is no need for an additional shredder.

Special options for this dryer include a heating spiral shaft that shortens the drying process and a mechanical seal that operates without load. It also offers the convenience of installing a clean room for discharge directly from the dryer.

Overall, Wuxi Zhanghua's single conical vacuum dryer combines efficient drying capabilities with safety, flexibility, and ease of use.

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