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March 01, 2023

 HMI Panel

Wuxi Zhanghua Pharmaceutical Equipment provides an upgraded control system based on Siemens S7 TIA with HMI control panel. This control system, with a remote maintenance unit, can improve the safety, reliability and service life of equipment and system. It has a modern user interface and simple system extension to be easily operated and flexible, and the short upgrade time also improves efficiency. In addition, the control system complies with regulations of FDA and GMP and standards of IEC 61508 and EN ISO 13849 and takes personal and operational safety into consideration. Malfunction issues and the supply of spare parts are quickly resolved through remote maintenance worldwide, which reduces breakdowns, downtime and possible costs.


The control system can be connected to the one that needs to be upgraded through Ethernet or field bus, and store process and product data while controlling. This helps to improve the overall quality of the product. The HMI panels and the S7 TIA control system are also applicable for third-party brands and can be adjusted according to specific requirements.

Intelligent operation mode & integrated formula management

The control system can operate the centrifuge, dryer and mixer. Through the HMI panel, in addition to accessing system data and system components, related operations and maintenance can also be performed.

Integrated formula management makes it possible to flexibly add the formula or manage its sequence. Control is performed in four modes. (1) Manual mode: the program function can be switched on and off manually, which makes it more flexible to the operator to test the equipment at the trial stage or during multi-purpose jobs. (2) Semi-automatic mode: steps can be picked and executed individually, depending on characteristics of the relevant product and parameters of the formula management, and automatic operating modes can be determined in this way. After each step, the control system will be standing by for the next instruction from the user. (3) Automatic mode: the system will automatically and cyclically be controlled or execute the formula stored in the independent PCS system. In this mode, no human intervention is required, and the high output is achieved. (4) Maintenance mode: it is for maintenance and cleaning. For safety reasons, it needs to be controlled from the local operator panel. What’s more, functions of the equipment can be easily customized or expanded.

Safe Remote Maintenance

The control system has a remote maintenance unit, through which engineers can optimize processes or analyze faults. With just one click, problems can be resolved remotely, increasing system availability while avoiding downtime, saving time and costs. In addition, a safe and encrypted VPN controlled by the customer is also set up, and the system can be controlled efficiently via the Simatic TIA Portal, and quickly make adjustment based on market changes and the associated shortening of product life.

To ensure that all functions are available to operators, the Heinkel Group offers additional services to upgrade control systems to Simatic S7 TIA and assists customers in planning and managing the migration. Through the upgrade, the customer's investment will be protected for a long time, and the system can reduce the risk of downtime and dig up new possibilities for future optimization.



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