how to install Introduction of ANFD series Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer? | Zhanghua

March 01, 2023

    The traditional process applied in the production of APIs: crystallize in the tank → separate solid and liquid by centrifuge → wash crystals with detergent → separate solid and liquid → manually discharge materials → load on the plate → dry by the double-cone (or vacuum drying box) → manually discharge materials → load into raw materials barrels. Such traditional process can no longer meet the requirements of GMP for drug production.

  ANFD series Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer integrates the three processes (including filtration, washing and drying) into one piece. It is airtight, highly automated, easy to operate, high recovery benefit, and complete safety measures, which greatly reduces the labor force. This product also has the following features:

          The whole production process can be completed by the system, from feeding crystals and solid-liquid suspension, to automatic discharge of raw materials after drying in the fully closed condition. It can stir solid-liquid, clean filter cake, filter, remove liquid, dry, discharge, and complete CIP/SIP, in line with GMP requirements.

          As the production is carried out in a fully closed condition, the hydraulic motor discharge valve is internally driven by the screw, which can maintain the overall sealing performance of the agitated nutsche filter dryer even when the hydraulic station loses pressure .

    The chassis has a multi-channel sealing structure and leakage observation device with collection function, which can timely detect safety accidents caused by chassis leakage, reduce the occurrence of personnel poisoning and allergy accidents caused by contact with toxic products, and meet EHS requirements.


In the CIP (cleaning-in-place) process, organic solvents and process water are used to clean the filter cake and tank without disassembling the equipment, to reduce the risk of contamination and cross-contamination to a low level, thus ensuring the safety of the material, workers and machine.

The discharge valve is designed with special spraying and purging devices, which can purge and clean the valve core and sealing seat without disassembling the valve body, effectively preventing cross-contamination and better protecting the product. In another side, very little organic solvent used for production will volatilize, and almost 100% of the solvent can be recovered, which creates great economic benefits.

         It adopts PLC control system, with the functions of parameter setting, historical trend, formula setting, batch report, etc., which provides rich data information for the production process, as well as strong support for the factory's informationization construction.

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