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August 30, 2023

Sterilization by steam and liquid addition

Mixing, stirring, cooking and sterilizing are basic processes in food production, and special processing of raw materials by equipment sometimes is required.

Rotary evaporators with spiral shaft have proven to be particularly suitable for processing natural materials such as coffee beans, cocoa beans, grains, nuts (chestnuts), etc.


The following processes, for example:

  • Mixing

  • Injection/extraction of essence or oil

  • Sterilized by steaming and boiling

  • Kneading

  • Ventilation


All can be integrated into one piece of equipment, thus saving investment and customizing the settings to optimizing the process.

 Working principle



Feed materials and solid-liquid components to the single-cone spiral shaft by gravity, and mix them evenly before heating.



During the sterilization or heating process, steam is injected into the conical dryer under pressure and high temperature to heat-sterilize the product or extract certain components, which may require an integral heating jacket to prevent heat loss and play a protective role. After the concentrate is drained, the drying process can be maintained by vacuuming from the heated evaporator.



After the heat treatment, the materials and equipment need to be cooled down to the discharge temperature through the jacket or vacuuming by steam.



The material will eventually be discharged into a container or conveying system through the valve at the bottom with the assistance of the spiral shaft and the orbital arm.


 Online cleaning

To clean the inside of the equipment between individual batches or before changing the ingredients, nozzles welded in the container spray the cleaning liquid over the entire internal steaming and boiling surface. Wet the material or the contaminated part first, and then flush with cleaning liquid or water. In this way, the entire inner surface of the evaporator can be effectively and fully cleaned.

 Technical Parameters

Unique advantages:


The stirring spiral shaft moves along the side wall of the container at a low speed, which not only treats the raw materials gently, but also ensures a good mixing effect. Although heat transfer coefficient is high, it reduces the risk of heat affecting the material. The conical structure makes discharge easy, complete and clean. The whole process is carried out in a fully closed system, so the materials are not polluted by the outside, clean or even sterile.

 Technical Parameters



Material volume:

100 – 10,000 liters

Operating temperature:

0 - 135°C

Operating pressure:

-1 - +3 bar (gage pressure)

Material of parts in contact with product:

Stainless steel

Heat resistance:

Conical shape and sealing cap for direct steam addition

General additional parts

Heating jacket, insulation jacket, injector (for direct steam heating), liquid injection system, CIP online cleaning system, spray flange, sampler, special access device, breaker



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