Single-cone Spiral Mixer

August 30, 2023

The working principle of Wuxi Zhanghua's single-cone spiral mixer and dryer is to rotate and stir the spiral shaft driven by the orbital arm to move close to and along the wall of the conical container. Stir the spiral shaft in the material and lift the material at the bottom upwards. According to the principle of Archimedean spiral, the material moves upward continuously along the container wall. At the same time, as the material in the middle part is not in the shaft’s working area, it sinks continuously by gravity. The rotating orbital arm moves the shaft along the wall, which creates a slight horizontal force, thus a three-dimensional flow of material for fine and gentle agitation.

The process of mixing and stirring is quite gentle. The spiral shaft rotates to lift the material, and the material is exchanged, those in the middle position sinks by gravity, and the orbital arm moves slowly in the radial direction.


As a selective effect, the spiral shaft only stirs and lifts a part of the material, so the wear and driving requirements of the particles are relatively low, and this saves energy.

 Working principle



The initial product and solid ingredients are fed by gravity to a single-cone spiral mixer. The feeding rate is controlled by a load cell or metered by common feeding equipment. Liquid additives can be sprayed into the mixer through nozzles or sucked into the process.



All products entering the single-cone mixer will be gently stirred and circulated by the wall-running spiral shaft, which keeps all ingredients gently mixed. This saves energy and material and avoid wear and tear, product damage or increasing the temperature of the batch product. This equipment can also be designed with a jacket for heating or cooling.




The well-mixed material is discharged into the container or gravity conveying system through the discharge valve at the bottom, with the assistance of the spiral shaft and the orbital arm, ensuring less residuals and higher production capacity.



 Cleaning (online cleaning)

For cleaning between batches of material or before changing material, fixed welded nozzles spray cleaning liquid on the interior surface of the entire mixer. All parts contacting materials or contaminated will be soaked, washed and flushed with water or other detergent to make sure that the container is completely cleaned.


 Technical Parameters

Unique advantages:

  • Gentle stirring, leading to less friction and other physical effects on materials

  • Low drive power, no mechanical or thermal damage to materials

  • Good mixing effect and high efficiency, mixing timeshortened

  • Applicableto various industrial materials, without distinction of density, particle size, shape and proportion, etc., without risk of isolation

  • The amount of material added is flexible, from 10% to 100% of the load setting, without affecting the product quality

  • Applicable to multi-material situationsand frequent changes in material capacity

  • Self-supporting mixing spiral shaftwithout lower bearing; a uniform and controllable material flow is formed and discharged freely from the center without residu

  • Through the movement of the spiral shaftbetween the container and the discharge port, the dead zone at the bottom is reduced.

  • The stirring spiral shaftmoves along the conical container wall, which not only reduces the ineffective area, but also makes the material flow move along it, which reduces the stirring time and required power, improves the material quality and the service life of the stirring device

  • Easy to clean, the residualscan be completely discharged after using the cleaning liquid

  • Fully closed process chamber, meeting high sealing standards

  • Various drive systems are not only designed to be firmand reliable, but also easy to maintain

  • In addition to drying solid materials, it is also suitable for injection and mixing of liquids

  • Adjustable drive speed, flexible for various conditions

 Technical Parameters


Actual Volume:

Without bottom support: 100 – 8000 liters
With radial guide ring: 6000 – 25000 liters
With bottom bearing: 10000 – 50000 liters


Well engineered, tested in accordance with pressure vessels

Fully welded container, designed for pharmaceutical and hygienic materials

Internally polished or electropolished

Exterior polished or sandblasted


Additional accessories, such as ventilation/exhaust filters, sampling components
Designed with heating/cooling jackets, stainless steel insulation jackets


Additional accessories, such as ventilation/exhaust filters, sampling components

Appropriate discharge/feeding valves (doors, hemispherical valves)

Complete set of CIP devices

Different types of spray devices

Instruments and process sensors, including PAT

Stirring spiral shafts in different designs, such as for pharmaceutical requirements

Available as individual components or complete systems including controls

Special design:

Large mixing capacity with side discharge and longitudinal guide plates, or lower bearings for stirring spiral shaft

Bottom-driven stirring spiral shaft is optional


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