ZhangHua sterile grade multifunctional filter washing dryer discharge valve


Automatic discharge of dried materials is one of the main functions of this equipment. Since the discharge valve is in contact with finished drugs, the quality requirements are strict, and the dried materials must be sterile, free of foreign matter, qualified in moisture, and qualified in clarity. Dump valves pose special requirements.

1. The valve body and the valve core of the discharge valve should be connected with soft seals to ensure airtightness and long service life under high vacuum or positive pressure conditions, without frequent replacement of parts. On the contrary, metal-to-metal hard connections are hermetic, have a short service life and are prone to leakage.

2. The cavity of the discharge valve should be clean and smooth, with a circular arc transition inside and no material accumulation. A PTFE bellows sleeve is installed outside the valve stem to make it easier to clean. Metal bellows sleeves are not suitable.

3. Both the discharge valve cavity and the valve core should have CIP and SIP functions to facilitate cleaning and verification of equipment.

4. Adopt double-cylinder hydraulic pressure to open and close, so that the movement of the valve core is stable and reliable.

It is not advisable to use the single-cylinder front-mounted or purely manual opening method under sterile conditions. This method takes up a lot of space and is more affected by human factors when opening.

5. The inner surface of the discharge valve is electropolished after #400 mechanical polishing: Ra≤0.3um.


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