A new generation of stirring vacuum dryer developed and produced by ZhangHua Single cone vacuum dryer


A New Generation Stirring Vacuum Dryer Single Cone Vacuum Dryer Equipment Overview

The physical properties of the industrial products to be dried are varied, ranging from large liquid traditional Chinese medicine extracts to loose filter cakes with low water content, from highly heat-sensitive antibiotic biological products to high-temperature inorganic salt products, from Loose and non-adhesive to strong agglomerated products, the scale of product drying treatment is very different, from tens of kilograms to hundreds of thousands of tons per day. The output of pharmaceuticals and fine chemical products is generally not too large, but many of them are heat-sensitive, especially the products with high water content and strong viscosity of traditional Chinese medicine extracts. Many drying technologies and equipment, such as: disk hot air oven, double-cone vacuum dryer, spray drying, boiling drying, vacuum belt drying, etc., are produced to meet the needs of a variety of properties and scales, but so far, There is no ideal drying equipment for materials like traditional Chinese medicine extracts, strong viscous and agglomerated materials.

The single-cone vacuum dryer is one of the new generation of agitated vacuum dryers developed by Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery Co., Ltd. It adopts advanced technology and can process materials such as wet powder, filter cake, paste and slurry, especially suitable for heavy, viscous Thick and sensitive products or products containing toxic or explosive solvents. Suitable for low vacuum operation, our vacuum dryers can be applied to other stages of the process including: reaction-crystallization, heating-cooling, sterilization, liquid-solid separation and degassing. We now offer a wider range of vacuum drying systems for even more media, from chemicals to metals and pharmaceuticals.

A new generation of stirring vacuum dryer single cone vacuum dryer working principle and main components

The vacuum single-cone dryer has completely changed the shortcomings of large volume, high energy consumption, long working hours, low efficiency, loud noise, difficult packaging, difficult cleaning, and inconvenient maintenance. At present, it is a multi-purpose dryer with low power loss, high efficiency and good effect among similar equipment at home and abroad.

The working process of the vacuum single cone dryer is a batch operation. After the wet material enters the silo, it is dried by jacket, stirring and heating.

The high-vacuum design of this dryer has obvious advantages for products that are sensitive to drying temperature, and has good heat conduction ability, fast drying, and low energy consumption. The filter directly connected to the dryer can keep the dust particles in the processing area. The machine adopts an inflatable sealed hemispherical valve, which can discharge materials thoroughly and conveniently. It has excellent vacuum and pressure-resistant sealing performance, no dead ends, easy-to-clean design, and stable performance. , Long service life, so as to ensure the continuous processing of products without loss.

The single cone pulse mixing dryer is mainly composed of the following parts: conical tank, transmission mechanism, internal heating ribbon stirring device, pulse mixing device, sampling device and discharging device, electric control system, CIP and SIP devices, etc.

(1) The tank is designed with an aseptic and fully-sealed structure, and the internal structure is simple and free of dead angles. It is especially suitable for mixing and drying materials such as food, biological products, and pharmaceuticals that are flammable, explosive, toxic or highly toxic, and do not allow pollution or aseptic requirements. .

(2) The advanced single-cone ribbon stirring structure has a high filling rate of more than 70%, saving floor space and use costs.

(3) 45°conical tank body, smooth discharge without residue.

(4) High degree of automation, greatly reducing labor intensity and saving labor costs.

(5) The cone, head, spindle and stirring ribbon can be heated by hot water or steam, the heating area is large, the heating efficiency is high, and the working time is greatly saved.

(6) The design of the spiral belt adopts a double fulcrum positioning structure, and the radial swing is small, which ensures a smaller safety gap between the spiral belt and the barrel wall, and at the same time reduces the damage to the mechanical seal.

(7) The unique pulse mixing design uses high-pressure nitrogen to impact the materials and mix them quickly, making the mixing of materials faster and more uniform.

(8) Sterile special plunger type sampling valve, which can complete sampling in a closed vacuum state.

(9) Aseptic special discharge valve with nitrogen purge, gas floating sealing structure, simple structure and no dead angle, fully complying with the clean production requirements of GMP and FDA.

A new generation of stirring vacuum dryer single cone vacuum dryer performance characteristics

The functions and characteristics of Wuxi ZhangHua vacuum single-cone dryer and the factors that should be considered in the selection of drying equipment from the production of raw materials have confirmed its rationality and efficiency. The new generation of vacuum single-cone dryer is used in the production of multiple products in pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticides, fine chemicals, battery materials, hard alloys and other industries. It can meet the requirements of the design indicators and also confirms that the single-cone dryer has its leading technology. sex.

(1) The bottom spherical cut-off vacuum airtight feeding valve

Wuxi ZhangHua Vacuum Single Cone Dryer realizes the automatic unloading process through the eccentric hemispherical valve. The spherical surface processing for the cut-off is very precise, and the elastic material vacuum chamber acting on the cut-off spherical surface can realize the process environment from -1Bar to 6Bar.

During this period, the material flows downward along the discharge channel under the action of gravity, and the lower part of the discharge valve can use different containers or connecting pipelines to transfer materials.

Compared with the bottom and side discharge structure of other drying equipment, the bottom discharge structure of the new generation of vacuum single cone dryer can avoid:

① It is difficult to achieve complete discharge and there are residual materials;

② Long discharge time;

③ The labor intensity of operators is high.

It can be seen that the vacuum single-cone dryer realizes automatic discharge, and it can realize the closed process in the process of powder drying and mixing, so as to achieve the purpose of fully closed treatment of materials, which conforms to the relevant provisions of GMP in the production of raw materials.

(2) Stable operation and protection of crystal form

The single-cone vacuum dryer does not have any auxiliary tools in the drying and mixing process. The specially designed stirring ribbon ensures that the liquid-liquid, liquid-solid or gas-liquid materials in the inner cavity are fully stirred, so as to ensure that they are fully mixed. , which makes the material not subject to any external extrusion except for the lifting from the stirring screw, which avoids the ineffective friction between the powder and the equipment and the powder grains. Ineffective friction in other equipment often causes the crystal form of the material to be destroyed, which is the fundamental reason why Wuxi ZhangHua Vacuum Single Cone Dryer can keep the crystal form of the material intact during the operation.

(3) Top drive avoids possible shaft seal and product contamination

Wuxi ZhangHua Single Cone Vacuum Dryer adopts top drive, which can avoid the following phenomena compared with other bottom drive structures:

① The stirring paddle must be disassembled by special equipment for cleaning and maintenance;

② It is difficult to obtain practical and reliable protection for the shaft seal of the stirring paddle;

③ It is difficult to ensure GMP verification for the residual product at the seal of the stirring impeller.

According to the needs of users, Wuxi ZhangHua Vacuum Single Cone Dryer can be designed as a gas-tight type. Before drying, the single cone dryer is pre-filled with nitrogen, protected by nitrogen, and maintains a positive pressure (20-30mbar) outside during the whole process. Ensure that the particles in the external environment will not enter the conical dry mixer, and at the same time achieve the purpose of safety and explosion protection.

(4) Low operating energy cost and high mixing efficiency

① Wuxi ZhangHua Vacuum Single Cone Dryer is driven by a motor, with a unique design innovation. The screw driven by the motor is used to lift the material, and there is no energy consumption for feeding alone. It is particularly worth mentioning that during the mixing and drying process, when the stirring paddle moves, the moving material moves in a circle around the axis of the conical silo.

In order to ensure that the materials in different parts of the entire container can be stirred, the spiral movement of the rotation lifts the bottom materials to the upper part of the container and then falls in natural circulation. This stirring mode not only makes the materials in the container evenly mixed, but also avoids drying of the materials. The possibility of agglomeration during the process, so as to achieve the final mixing and improve the drying efficiency.

② Vacuum single-cone dryer has a wide range of processing capacity. Compared with the processing capacity, the energy consumption of the whole process is very low.

The cylinder wall of the single cone dryer can use heat media such as hot water or steam to heat the materials. At the same time, the whole system is designed for vacuum, which can achieve the purpose of drying heat-sensitive materials at a lower temperature.

The interior of the conical spiral can be designed with a hollow channel for drying and heat supplementation.

(5) Simple operation and convenient maintenance

The mechanical structure of the single-cone dryer is simple and effective, and the operator is easy to understand. The simple button control makes the operation process very convenient; some maintenance work can be completed smoothly and quickly even without professionals, and the manhole can be easily used. Easy to adjust and maintain the moving screw without complicated disassembly. In addition, the wearing parts of the single cone dryer are very few, and the drive unit such as the bearing box is set on the top of the silo. The principle of this design makes it easy for the user to detach the entire drive unit during maintenance. Relatively speaking, the drive unit on the top The location space is also relatively abundant.

(6) Through layer design, integrated centrifuge work online

Wuxi ZhangHua Vacuum Single Cone Dryer has precise processing and stable operation, which makes the running noise very small. Considering the integration and integration of on-site installation, the conical dry mixer can be conveniently connected to the discharge port of the bag-type centrifuge, so as to realize the solid-liquid separation in the production of raw materials and the dry mixing of the final product. If the output of the single cone dryer is directly connected to the dryer or fully enclosed powder conveying equipment, it can ensure that the entire process is completely completed in a fully enclosed environment.

(7) CIP (automatic cleaning) and SIP (sterilization in place)

The vacuum single-cone dryer does not need to open the process silo, and can directly use the CIP and SIP functions of the equipment to conveniently clear the equipment. A cone-shaped drying mixer can handle many kinds of materials, so that it can complete the powder drying and mixing of many kinds of materials without adding equipment, which greatly saves the investment in production equipment.


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