Application of ZhangHua filter washing and drying machine in rice protein purification


Rice protein is recognized as a high-quality food protein, which meets the ideal model recommended by WHO/FAO. The biological value of rice protein is very high, and its nutritional value is high, comparable to that of eggs, milk, and beef. In addition, rice protein is a low-antigen protein, which will not cause allergic reactions, which is very beneficial for the production of infant food.

Rice protein not only has unique nutritional functions, but also has other health functions. Recent studies have shown that rice protein can lower serum cholesterol levels.
Raw materials such as rice, rice grains, and rice bran can be used to prepare rice protein. Around the development and utilization of rice protein, researchers have proposed various preparation methods, mainly including: solvent extraction, enzymatic extraction, alkaline extraction, acid extraction, and physical extraction. Extraction and compound extraction methods. As of 2007, the pure rice protein provided in China is generally feed grade (generally about 65% content and below), food grade (generally about 80% content) and rice protein peptide.

The protein powder products currently on the market contain a lot of rice protein.

Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery Co., Ltd.'s filtering, washing and drying three-in-one equipment produces food-grade rice protein powder process
(1) pulping, refining, filtering
Mix rice dregs (with a protein weight percentage greater than 40% on a dry basis) and an appropriate amount of water to obtain a rice dregs slurry with a solid content of 15-20% (weight percentage), and then grind it with a colloid mill. Then filter (through a 150-250 mesh sieve), and collect the filtrate for later use. The filter residue is returned to pulping or used as feed raw material. Wet pulverization can reduce the particle size and break the grid, which is conducive to releasing the ash, fat and carbohydrates wrapped in it.

(2) Degreasing

Heat the filtrate obtained in the previous process to 60-70°C, then add an aqueous sodium hydroxide solution with a concentration of 35-45% by weight, adjust the pH value of the filtrate to 8.2-8.5, and then soak at 60-65°C for 30 minutes , to saponify fat and swell protein.

(3) Enzymolysis reaction

Keep the degreasing solution obtained in the previous process at 60-65°C for 20-40min, then use 1mol/L hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid to adjust its pH value to 4.2-4.5, and then add 0.1%-0.3% (according to the dry basis of rice dregs) (mass meter) glucoamylase (enzyme activity is 100,000 IU/g), and then carry out enzymolysis reaction at 60-65°C for 1.5-2.5H to obtain enzymolysis solution.

(4) Separation and washing

Centrifuge the enzymolysis solution obtained in the previous process for 5-15 minutes at a speed of 2000-4000rPm, and then wash the solid phase with the same amount of water as the enzymolysis solution for 3-5 times, and collect the washed solid phase. The liquid phase contains nutrients such as glucose, which can be used to produce feed yeast (single-cell protein). The function of separation and washing is to remove non-protein impurities in the material.

(5) Enzyme sterilization
Add an appropriate amount of water to the washed solid phase obtained in the previous process, so that the solid content reaches 16-17% (weight percentage), and then boil the feed liquid for 30 minutes, or treat it at 115-121 °C for 4-6 seconds at ultra-high temperature , high temperature treatment, enzyme sterilization.

(6) vacuum drying
Dry the feed liquid obtained in the previous process through a vacuum dryer to obtain high-purity rice protein powder. In the drying section, the cylinder jacket, the hollow shaft and the spiral belt heat the material at the same time, and vacuumize the top to carry out vacuum low-temperature airtight drying of the material. Using the process, the protein extraction rate is greater than 80%, and the obtained high-purity soluble rice protein powder has a dry basis weight percentage of more than 80%, a fat weight percentage of less than 3%, and an ash weight percentage of less than 3%. High-purity soluble rice protein powder has a very wide range of uses and can be used in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Product advantages of Wuxi ZhangHua filter washing and drying three-in-one equipment
* One machine is multi-purpose, can complete reaction, extraction, filtration, repeated filtration washing, drying and other operations in one machine, and directly get the finished product.
* Closed operation, especially suitable for dealing with inflammable, explosive, poisonous or highly toxic dangerous products and delicious food, biological products and medicines that are not allowed to be polluted.
* The body jacket, cone jacket, hollow shaft, and hollow spiral belt heat or cool the material at the same time, with high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption.

* The special design of agitating screw can make the material be stirred evenly in each stage of reaction, filtration, washing and drying, so that the working efficiency of the whole machine is very high.
* In the filtration stage, due to the good adhesion and scraping effect between the ribbon and the filter medium, the material can be filtered under the condition of a thin layer of filter cake, and the filtration efficiency is high.
* Simplify and shorten the technological process, occupy a small area, and greatly save the investment in workshops and equipment.

* Easy to operate, low labor intensity, and good quality of processed products.


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