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The vacuum low-temperature liquid continuous dryer is a vacuum drying equipment with continuous feeding and continuous discharging. The liquid raw material is transported into the dryer through the feeding pump, and is evenly distributed on the conveyor belt through the distributor, and the material is reduced by high vacuum. Boiling point temperature, the moisture of liquid raw materials is directly sublimated into gas, and the conveyor belt runs at a uniform speed on the heating plate. The heat source in the heating plate can be steam, hot water or electric heating. Cooling and discharging, the temperature range is from high to low, which can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the material. The discharge end is equipped with a specific vacuum crushing device to achieve finished products with different particle sizes. The dried powder can be automatically packaged or followed up.
The birth of the vacuum low-temperature liquid continuous dryer has transformed the traditional static drying into vacuum dynamic drying, from the traditional 8-20 hours of drying to the product of 30-60 minutes, achieving the adjustment of different drying according to different materials The goal of temperature solves the problem of high spray drying temperature and long time of traditional oven, which is easy to denature. The preservation of the color, solubility and physical properties of the product after drying is unmatched by other equipment.

Equipment advantages
A full set of process automation, pipeline and continuous
Realize continuous feeding and continuous discharging under vacuum conditions
Complete drying, crushing and granulation under vacuum
The operating cost is 1/3 of vacuum oven and spray drying, and 1/6 of freeze drying
There are at most two operators, greatly reducing labor costs
The drying temperature can be adjusted from 25-150°C according to the material process requirements
Heat-sensitive materials are not denatured and will not be contaminated with bacteria
30-60 minutes to start continuous dry powder, dry powder output rate 99%
It can solve the drying of various liquid and slurry raw materials with high viscosity and difficult drying
Online automatic cleaning, in line with GMP requirements


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