What is an Industrial Vacuum Dryer?


Industrial vacuum dryer is a kind of equipment widely used in the field of industrial production, mainly used for drying, dehydration, degassing and other processes. The equipment puts the material into a vacuum environment to reduce the environmental pressure, thereby reducing the evaporation temperature of the moisture on the surface of the material, so that the moisture can evaporate at a lower temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of drying and dehydration.

Industrial vacuum dryers are generally composed of a vacuum chamber, a vacuum system, an electric heating system, and a control system.

The vacuum chamber is the main part of drying, the vacuum system is used to control the vacuum degree of the drying chamber, the electric heating system is used to provide the heat source for drying, and the control system is used to control the work of each part and monitor the state of the drying process in real time.

Industrial vacuum dryers are mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, electronics and other fields. They can dry powder, granules, pastes and other materials. They have the advantages of fast drying speed, good drying effect, controllable drying temperature, no oxidation and Variation and other advantages. At the same time, the industrial vacuum dryer can also realize multi-functional operations, such as drying, dehydration and degassing of various materials, and drying operations of some special materials, such as volatile and flammable materials. dry.

In short, the industrial vacuum dryer is an efficient, precise and reliable drying equipment, which is widely used in the field of industrial production. It adopts the technology of vacuum environment, which can quickly and efficiently dry a variety of materials, and also has the advantages of multi-functional operation, no oxidation and deterioration, etc., which can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of industrial production.


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