What is a stirred suction filter dryer?


Stirring suction filter dryer is a new type of drying equipment, mainly used for drying granular or powdery materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. This equipment combines the three functions of stirring, filtering and drying in one, and has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. It is a very popular drying equipment.

The working principle of the agitated suction filter dryer is to put the material into the dryer, mix and disperse it through the stirring device, and at the same time evaporate the water suspended on the surface of the material through the negative pressure adsorption and filtering device, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid drying .

During the drying process, the temperature and vacuum inside the equipment can be adjusted according to the material characteristics to achieve the best drying effect.

Stirring suction filter dryer has the following characteristics:

1. High efficiency and energy saving: The mixing, filtering and drying of the equipment are three-in-one, and multiple steps can be completed in one operation, thus greatly improving the drying efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

2. Environmental protection and sanitation: the equipment adopts a closed structure, which avoids dust pollution during the drying process and meets the requirements of environmental protection and sanitation.

3. Simple operation: the equipment is equipped with an observation window and a cleaning door, which can directly observe and clean the inside of the equipment, and the operation is simple and convenient.

4. Good drying effect: The stirring device inside the equipment can fully mix the materials, ensuring the uniformity and consistency of the drying effect.

5. Wide application: This equipment is suitable for drying treatment of various granular or powdery materials, such as chemical granules, pharmaceutical raw materials, food granules, etc.

In short, the agitated suction filter dryer is a new type of drying equipment with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, simple operation and good drying effect. It is suitable for drying treatment of various granular or powder materials and has a wide application prospect.


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