Several points of development of vacuum drying equipment


1) Innovation is the fundamental way out for the development of vacuum drying equipment
At present, an important reason for the slow development of vacuum drying equipment is that they imitate each other and lack innovation at the same technical level. Ability to imitate, fast, innovative concepts, poor, less input. In market competition, put robbery, Sino-Latin America relations, and price wars.

A better way is some efforts on quality and after-sales service. However, the development of these vacuum drying equipment is a good way to invest human, material and financial resources in order to innovate.

2) The development of energy-saving vacuum drying equipment is the key
Energy shortage has always been a concern in the world, and the conventional wisdom is that vacuum drying equipment consumes high energy because it increases the need for vacuum pumps.

But there is no comparison of source consumption for the same material, dry with the same moisture content. In fact, vacuum drying in a closed space is low-temperature drying with relatively little wasted energy. However, energy-saving vacuum drying equipment is still the key to development.

Compared with other types of drying equipment, vacuum drying equipment should be energy-saving and reasonable in design, selection and use of vacuum systems.

There are not many steam vacuum pumping systems, and there are currently two categories, direct pumping steam pumps, mainly water jet pumps, steam jet pumps, water ring pumps and Roots wet pumps; the other method is to collect condensed water. There are two ways of this relatively high energy consumption, the latter is designed in the direction of energy-saving gas-solid phase transition, such as thermal structure and thermal efficiency.

3) Continuous vacuum drying equipment is an important means to improve product yield and save energy
Compared with continuous vacuum drying equipment, compared with the cycle of vacuum drying equipment, it reduces auxiliary, saves time and improves output. At the same time, he does not have to cycle the vacuum drying equipment, which produces a cycle of high and low temperature changes, as a result, part of the energy is wasted in duplicating the content of the heating equipment. Therefore, save energy.

4) The production mode combining vacuum drying equipment and other drying methods should be advocated
Vacuum drying combined with other drying methods can increase productivity and reduce product costs. For example, vegetables, aquatic products, fruits and other products, the use of vacuum drying can ensure the quality of the product, if after a vacuum drying, before washing, blanching, centrifugal dehydration, and then drying, to eliminate the cold of the surface water, and then enter the vacuum drying Equipment, to achieve a significant increase in production efficiency, while reducing production costs. Freeze drying combined with spray is a combination.


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