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Filtration and washing two-in-one can realize fully enclosed production
Filtration and washing two-in-one can complete the two processes of filtration and washing in one airtight container, which solves the continuous production of inflammable, explosive and toxic products, and is especially suitable for materials with high washing effect requirements. The labor intensity of the operation is lightened, the loss of the finished product is reduced, the pollution of the product is prevented, the washing quality of the product is improved, and it is more suitable for the requirements of "GMP".
Filtration and washing two-in-one can replace filtration and drying equipment (such as: suction filter, filter press, double cone dryer, drying oven, etc.) to complete the whole process of filtration, washing, drying and solid discharge in the same equipment.

Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food and other industries, it is the best equipment for filtration and drying. It can realize fully enclosed and continuous operation of the whole process, and is more suitable for the production of sterile and toxic products.
Introduction of several major stages in the practical application of filter and washing two-in-one:
1. Filtration stage: separation of product filter cake and mother liquor. The filter cake thickness can reach 500mm.

2. Washing stage: the filter cake is further purified, the residual mother liquor is washed and pre-dehydrated. The filter cake and washing liquid are mixed layer by layer by a lifting agitator, and finally form a slurry, and the suspension filter cake is fully washed.
3. Drying stage: dehydration and drying of the filter cake. While the filter cake is scraped and loosened layer by layer by the agitator, the side wall of the equipment, the bottom of the filter plate, and the moving stirring blade heat the filter cake at the same time, and the moisture quickly evaporates to dry. The effect is to increase/evaporate the speed through the vacuum method in the equipment, and take away the evaporated moisture by adding the treated hot nitrogen and other media, so as to accelerate the drying of the material and improve the drying effect.

4. Unloading stage: The dry material is automatically unloaded from the side outlet through the reversal of the S-type stirring paddle, and directly enters the packaging.


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