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Filtration and washing two-in-one machine is a multi-functional airtight operation equipment integrating filtration, washing and automatic discharge. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food and other industries.
Compared with similar products on the market, the two-in-one filter and washing machine produced by our company has great advantages both in product quality and performance and in product price, among which:
1. The equipment reduces the labor intensity of operators and prevents product pollution, which is more suitable for "GMP" requirements.
2. The chassis of the filtering and washing two-in-one machine can be connected with the cylinder body by using a detachable chassis or a non-detachable chassis
3. Energy saving: the power of the motor is small (the speed ratio of the reducer is large I=46.3), and it is set to clean in place, sample in place, and steam sterilize (122°C).

1. Features:
Completely airtight filtration, no leakage, no pollution, in line with GMP regulations;
Operate under pressure or vacuum to achieve solid-liquid two-phase separation, the filter cake is evenly distributed during filtration, and the solid-liquid separation effect is good;
The spray device inside the container makes the cleaning liquid evenly distributed in the container, which can realize the cleaning of the inner wall of the container and materials;
Fully mix the filter cake and cleaning solution by lifting the stirring paddle, so that the filter cake of the paddle-like suspension is fully washed;
The solid material realizes the automatic unloading of the solid filter cake through the reversal of the stirring paddle;


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