Acceptance of vacuum dryer


1. The construction acceptance of the dryer foundation shall be checked and accepted by the quality inspector of the construction department together with the civil construction workers, and the construction acceptance form shall be filled in. The construction quality of the foundation shall meet the foundation drawing and requirements.
2. The acceptance of the dryer installation project shall be carried out after the dryer has passed the debugging. The dryer management department and process department, together with other departments, will conduct inspection and acceptance with the participation of relevant personnel in installation, inspection, use, etc., make appraisals, fill in the certificates such as installation and construction quality, precision inspection, and test run records, and hand over the acceptance Only the signatures of all parties participating in the acceptance inspection can be completed.

3. After passing the acceptance of the dryer, go through the handover procedures. Dryer unpacking acceptance (or dryer installation handover acceptance form), dryer operation test record sheet signed by all parties participating in the acceptance and the documents brought with the dryer shall be included in the dryer file management by the dryer management department. For the accessories and spare parts accompanying the dryer, the spare parts storage form should be filled out and sent to the dryer warehouse for storage. The management department should file all the problems in the installation test.
4. After the handover of the vacuum dryer is completed, the dryer management department will sign the dryer commissioning notice, and hand over the copies to the dryer management department, the user unit, the financial department, and the production management department respectively, as archives, notices to start use, and fixed asset management Credentials, the basis for assessing engineering plans.


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