There are more and more varieties of vacuum dryers at home and abroad


For different purposes, different development of new types of vacuum drying equipment
1) Energy-saving microwave vacuum drying equipment to improve drying speed.
2) Spraying equipment, spray freeze-drying and freeze-drying are a combination of properties, materials and products, production decisions, and the required material liquid slurry, formed by freezing spray micro-nano-sized particles, increasing the drying rate and improving product yield .
3) Steam vacuum drying equipment is designed for similar drying of large oil-immersed transformers and other electrical equipment.

Switzerland formulated the product in the 1970s in the 20th century. China introduced this kind of equipment in the 1980s, and basically completed the introduction and digestion in the 1990s, and the production can now be completed.
4) Small-scale experiments use freeze-drying equipment, for schools and research institutions to meet the needs, some small-scale experimental equipment for freeze-drying with different characteristics has been established at home and abroad.

Figures 4 to 7 are several small experiments of the freeze dryer Martinchrist produced by the German company, which is small in size, light in weight and multifunctional. Has been able to meet a variety of experimental materials, freeze-dried. Home has four Haimen Light Industry Machinery Factory and some other manufacturers began to absorb, introduce, design, develop new products, not only performance and stability.


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