Vacuum dryer with large surface area


In daily processing, factories process products with special characteristics. In order not to destroy the characteristics of the product, the factory will choose to use a vacuum dryer for product processing. This not only effectively alleviates the damage that may be caused to the product during processing, but also speeds up the processing efficiency of the machine.

Usually the worker will place the product at the material inlet, and at the same time the worker will add an appropriate amount of air, and the air will fully contact the product. The machine then starts drying the product, during which the machine reduces the pressure by creating a vacuum. In this case, the water in the product boils and is vaporized.

Secondly, the collector in the machine collects the dried product while the steam is discharged through the exhaust port.

At the same time, due to the large surface area of ​​the machine, heat can be easily transferred between the entire machine and the fast-moving body. And the special internal structure design makes the material easy to dry in the dryer.

Therefore, the machine is ideal for processing heat-sensitive, hygroscopic and toxic products, etc.


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