The scientific and technological content of vacuum dryer manufacturers has begun to play a leading role


??Since the beginning of 2004, driven by the continuous improvement of the national chemical industry development situation, the drying equipment market situation is stable and optimistic, and production enterprises have generally obtained better operating performance. The scientific and technological content of drying equipment has begun to play a leading role.
?? At present, the remarkable feature of drying equipment serving the chemical industry is that the role of technical content is becoming increasingly prominent.

This is very different from the past when selling products mainly relied on price competition. Among them, some manufacturers with high technical content of drying equipment and focusing on the development of new products have gradually improved their benefits; on the contrary, some enterprises with low technical content of products and weak new product and new technology development capabilities have begun to decline in their benefits.
??A typical example is Lanzhou Ruide Drying Technology Co., Ltd., which has a strong production capacity in large-scale equipment, and is basically unmatched in China at present.

Backed by the Energy Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences, Shandong Tianli has strong technical support and places great emphasis on the research and development of large-scale equipment. The large-scale professional complete set of processing equipment developed according to industry needs has achieved good economic benefits since the beginning of last year. The spray drying technology jointly developed by Wuxi Linzhou Drying Equipment Factory, Dalian University of Technology, Chinese Academy of Forestry and other tertiary institutions and research institutes has not only won the favor of the domestic market, but also ended the situation that my country's spray drying equipment relied solely on imports in the past. And also entered the international market.
??The market response shows that the chemical industry expects the drying equipment manufacturing industry to adjust its product structure in accordance with the requirements of high quality, low energy consumption, and environmental protection, further strengthen basic research, and lay a solid foundation for application research and development.

In terms of technology, strengthen research on automation, testing, manufacturing processes, materials, and appearance design. In terms of application research and development, we must not only pay attention to international exchanges and cooperation, but also pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights; we must not only pay attention to the development of new technologies and new application fields, but also pay attention to the innovation and innovation of traditional crafts and traditional application fields. It should be said that this is the only way for my country's drying equipment to become bigger and stronger.

?? At present, the improvement of the technological content of domestic drying equipment is producing gratifying results. For a long time, the domestic drying equipment industry has always had such characteristics: small production scale, low entry threshold, and low overall technical content. More than 60% of the industry's annual sales revenue is less than 5 million yuan, and the annual sales revenue exceeds 10 million yuan. Yuan manufacturers account for only 5% to 8%, and the product grades are generally low and similar.
?? But now, high-tech products are giving birth to backbone enterprises in the drying equipment manufacturing industry.

This is likely to be a signal for this field to get rid of vicious price competition, change the status quo of small and scattered enterprises, and carry out natural integration of the industry. Through technological competition, it may be just around the corner to cultivate a leading enterprise with strong strength in the industry by taking the road of strong alliance and survival of the fittest.
?? In addition, technological progress will also reverse the current situation of domestic drying equipment exports.

At present, my country's drying equipment has not yet formed an export scale, and the export volume is less than 5% of the total, and it is mainly sold to Southeast Asia. However, according to authoritative forecasts, with the development of technology, the proportion of my country's export drying equipment to the total output will increase from 5% to 10% in the next few years, and the export market will also expand from Southeast Asia to Europe and the United States. The situation that there is a large gap between the domestic large-scale drying equipment manufacturing level and the international level is expected to improve.


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