The vacuum dryer manufacturer tells you what the trial operation of the dryer project is like


It is understood that the dryer cylinder has a length of 34m, an inner diameter of 4.2m, and a total weight of 380 tons. It is one of the large-scale core equipment of the Dalian Hengli PTA project. The inlet and outlet ends of the dryer are sealed with large composite packing glands (square packing + V-shaped packing), which requires extremely high installation accuracy. The trial run of the single machine was carried out under pressure and airtight at the same time. Pressure run test of end seals.
The equipment branch of Nanjing Engineering Company is responsible for the installation of the four sets of dryers in this project. The technical requirements for installation are relatively high and there are many parts and components.

In the early stage, due to the owner's replacement of the manufacturer, the arrival of the goods was delayed by more than 3 months than the contract plan, and the real effective installation time was only 4 months. During the installation stage, due to the wrong order of delivery, the cylinder of the CTA dryer was put in place first, and the screw installation space at the inlet end was small, making the construction extremely difficult. At the same time, during the installation process, there were repeated reworks due to manufacturing problems, which seriously restricted the progress of the project.

In this regard, the project department actively organizes and coordinates, and the equipment branch arranges professionals to install the parts that have arrived in time, and make preparations for the parts that have not arrived in advance. Through the strong organization and coordination of the project department and the efforts of all employees, various unfavorable factors were overcome to ensure the construction efficiency and progress of the four sets of dryers.


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