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A few days ago, at Chery Heavy Industry's 2014 Dryer Business Anhui Mid-Year Business Conference, 110 sets of "Guwang" dryers were officially delivered to Anhui users, which marked that Chery Heavy Industry's dryer products exceeded 300 units in a single month in July. Set a new record for the enterprise. In the first half of this year, the "Guwang" brand was trusted by users and sold well in the market relying on its product technology advantages. Among them, the sales volume of dryer products exceeded 1,000 units, continuing to lead the market.

Zhang Xiancai, president of Wuhu County Brothers Grain and Oil Professional Cooperative, has been associated with Chery Heavy Industry for a long time. The three brothers of the Zhang family are large grain growers and agricultural machinery producers in the local area. Agricultural machinery products. During the development of large-scale agricultural operations, the eldest brother Zhang Xiancai discovered that with the changes in the structure of the rural labor force, affected by factors such as weather and natural disasters, the traditional manual drying of grain can no longer guarantee the safety and high-quality storage of grain. This year, he invested 3 million yuan to purchase 15 "Guwang" dryers, and with the support and help of Chery Heavy Industry service personnel, he built a grain drying center, which can dry 450 tons of various grains every day, and the daily income can reach 1 ten thousand yuan.

"Now is the season for rice harvesting. If artificial drying is used, under the premise of fine weather, at least two workers need to be hired to dry 10 tons of grain for two or three days, and the cost is 800 to 900 yuan. , 10 tons of grain only needs to be processed for five or six hours, even if the labor cost is added, it is only about 400 yuan, and the greater the drying amount, the more obvious the cost-saving benefit." Zhang Xiancai said that before purchasing grain drying equipment, he inspected After choosing the surrounding market, after considering product quality, service and other factors, they finally chose the "old acquaintance" - Chery Heavy Industry's "Guwang" brand.

It is understood that the Chery Heavy Industry Dryer Division is located in Wuhu, Anhui, and is responsible for the R&D, manufacturing and sales of grain drying equipment. Among them, the manufacturing unit has 6 major operation centers of blanking, CNC metal processing, welding, spraying, assembly and packaging, as well as a new product trial production line. At present, Chery Heavy Industry is committed to building a leading brand of grain drying equipment through connotation development and management upgrading.


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