The vacuum dryer manufacturer tells you how to correctly operate the double cone rotary vacuum dryer


Double cone rotary vacuum dryer is suitable for drying orange juice, tomato juice, milk, instant tea and instant coffee and other materials. The drying time of the double-cone rotary vacuum dryer is about 5-40min; it can form porous products; during the drying process, it can avoid mixing foreign matter and prevent the products from being polluted; it can directly dry materials with high concentration and high dryness; process. Save heat.

If a leavening agent such as carbonic acid is added to the dried material or nitrogen is filled under high pressure, the material will form bubbles and expand during drying, and high-expanded products can be produced. The double-cone rotary vacuum dryer also has a single-layer conveyor belt and a multi-layer conveyor belt. The double-cone rotary vacuum dryer is composed of a continuous stainless steel belt, a heating drum, a cooling drum, a radiation element, a vacuum system, and a feeding and air-closing device.

The feeding port of the double-cone rotary vacuum dryer is located on the lower steel belt, and the material is continuously coated on the surface of the steel belt by a feeding roller, and the material layer is driven by the moving steel belt into the infrared heating zone below, so that The material layer is swollen into a porous state due to the water vapor generated inside, so that it has a swollen skeleton before it comes into contact with the heating roller. After being heated by the drum, it is dried again by the infrared rays on the top. After reaching the requirement of moisture content, it bypasses the cooling drum and quenches to make the material layer brittle, and then it is scraped and discharged by the scraper.
The vacuum in the double-cone rotary vacuum dryer is maintained by the sealing of the inlet and outlet air-closing devices, and the vacuum is obtained by the vacuum system.

The operation process of the double-cone rotary vacuum dryer is: the preheated liquid or slurry material is evenly placed on the pick-up belt L in the drying chamber through the feed pump, and there is a heating device under the belt. The heating device uses different temperatures Composed of seven V. That is A steam heating zone, hot water heating zone and cooling zone. In the heating zone, it is divided into four or five sections. The first and second sections are heated by steam as a constant-speed drying section, the third and fourth sections are decelerated drying sections, and the fifth section is a homogeneous section. Three, The fourth and fifth sections are heated with hot water.

The temperature of each section can be adjusted as needed, and the raw material evaporates water while moving on the seven sides of the belt, and after drying, the foamed sheet material passes through the cooling zone. Then enter the pulverizer and crush it into granular products, and then unload it from the discharge device. The water vapor in the drying chamber is condensed into ice by a condenser.

Then heat it up and let it drain out.


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