Dry separation of oil and water in vacuum dryer


Oil dried by a vacuum dryer can minimize the moisture contained in the oil to less than 0.08%, provided the oil is processed at a temperature of at least 90°C and the moisture concentration does not exceed 0.8%. The oil processed from the purifier will be injected into the float tank, in this float tank there is a conical spindle, which acts as an automatic valve to continuously maintain a constant vacuum in the vacuum chamber.
There are six nozzles in the vacuum chamber that inject oil into the deflector surface.

The oil released from the nozzle is in the form of a spray and becomes turbid, then falls by gravity and hits the deflector plate to allow secondary turbidity. In cloudy oils, the concentration of water evaporates easily and is read off by a vacuum pump. The dried oil is then poured into the bottom of the vacuum chamber and sucked directly into the storage tank by a pump.

A liquid level controller is connected to the vacuum chamber to control the oil level. When less than the injected oil, the oil enters the vacuum chamber, the liquid level control will automatically open the valve to recirculate the oil into the vacuum chamber through the bypass pipe. A damaged level control would cause the oil level to be too high and not allow the oil to enter the vacuum chamber, so the level control switch automatically stops the drying process so that raw oil does not get sucked into the tank.


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