Rotary vacuum dryer is mainly used for drying small pieces of materials and fibrous materials


Rotary vacuum dryers are widely used in industry and are mainly used to dry small pieces of materials and fibrous materials. Because the material dried with a vacuum dryer has a certain shape, and it still maintains a certain shape after drying. The vacuum dryer is composed of several independent unit segments.

Each unit section includes a circulating fan, a heating device, a separate or public fresh air intake system and an exhaust exhaust system. Therefore, the operating parameters such as the amount of drying medium, temperature, humidity, and exhaust gas circulation can be independently controlled to ensure the reliability of the vacuum dryer and the optimization of operating conditions. Vacuum dryers can generally provide customers with a copy in the shortest time after the material test, including: actual evaporation of the material, dynamic drying vacuum degree, distribution of drying temperature, feeding amount, actual drying time, actual product capacity, unit Reports on technical parameters such as energy consumption and consumption ratio are convenient for customers to choose equipment models and specifications that can meet production requirements.


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