Cylindrical cone filter washing and drying three-in-one EU GMP US FDA level


Cylindrical cone filter washing and drying three-in-one EU GMP US FDA level

The filter washing and drying three-in-one equipment is a multi-functional equipment with automatic control and intermittent operation. The fully enclosed operation process meets the new GMP requirements and is equipped with an explosion-proof motor. Automatic discharge under atmospheric pressure conditions.

According to customer needs, the reaction, filtration, washing and drying processes can be carried out in the filtering, washing and drying three-in-one equipment. The interior has a spiral ribbon stirring structure, and the filter cake layer is very thin throughout the filtration process, and the filtration efficiency is very high. Realize effective cleaning in place, no dead angle design.

The circulation system composed of the stirring mechanism of the equipment and the jacket of the cylinder can be fed with a certain pressure of heat medium, combined with the ribbon stirring to fully turn the material for heat exchange, and the drying effect is excellent.

Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. The self-developed and produced barrel-cone filter, washing and drying three-in-one has made up for the gap in the market and successfully opened up domestic and foreign markets. The product market application verification has been tested for a long time, and it has successfully entered the application of pharmaceutical raw materials and high-end electronic product manufacturing industries.

The product is equipped with a variety of proprietary technologies to ensure the stable operation of the equipment all year round and an extremely long service life, becoming a real industry leader. Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery Co., Ltd. does not have any other branches, no other sales outlets, 100% independently develops, manufactures and sells all products; customers must look for the authentic brand of Wuxi ZhangHua!

Cylindrical cone filter washing and drying three-in-one EU GMP US FDA level structure

The structure of the barrel-cone multifunctional machine is shown in the figure below. The upper part is a vertical cylindrical container, the bottom is a cone structure, and the filter medium is lined around the inner layer of the cylindrical shell. A hollow ribbon stirrer is installed in the center of the equipment.

The part of the helical piece matched with the filter medium acts as a scraper when it rotates, and the screw at the bottom is tightly attached to the cone when it is assembled, and acts as a screw extrusion.

When filtering materials, pump the slurry (solid-liquid mixture) to be filtered into the filter container, and use sufficient pressure to make the filtrate pass through the filter medium (if the slurry does not need to be pumped, it will flow directly into the filter container) inside, vacuuming at the outlet of the clear liquid, vacuum suction filtration of the material is also possible), at this time, the filter cake is constantly thickening on the filter screen or other filter media, but the hollow ribbon stirrer is slowly rotating, and the filter cake is continuously Scrape off for typical dynamic filtration. The scraped filter cake is slowly pushed down to the cone, then squeezed and dried by the extrusion ribbon, and finally exits the lower discharge valve.

Wuxi ZhangHua Cylindrical Cone Filter Washing Drying 3-in-1 Features

1. Fully enclosed operation mode supporting proprietary sealing technology

Completely closed process link ensures material safety and sanitation and zero pollution in production process. The sealing components professionally developed and manufactured by Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery ensure zero pollution of materials in the production process, and ensure the safety and reliability of the production process of flammable, explosive and toxic products; optional sanitary seals meet GMP standards, and are used in medicine, food and safety It is completely applicable to the bio-industrial production process with extremely strict hygienic requirements; during the filtration process, the ribbon stirrer and its scraper ensure that the material always maintains a thin layer of filter cake and is filtered efficiently.

2. Multifunctional automatic control system

A single batch of materials can be filtered, washed, dried and other processes sequentially inside the equipment, which can effectively prevent the possible pollution of materials during the transfer process of different processes; the whole process is automatically controlled, and the humanized and easy-to-operate scheme combined with the operation training program provides customers with Reduce operating costs and improve economic efficiency.

3. Cleaning in place is efficient and clean

According to customer needs, the spray system can be customized to ensure the washing effect of materials; at the same time, the design considers the cleaning requirements of the spray system itself, and it can also be applied to customers who have strict requirements on the purity of materials to achieve effective in-place cleaning.

4. Hollow Ribbon Stirring

Hollow ribbon stirring and equipment jacket are both drying heat medium circulation systems to ensure that the material receives heat energy to the greatest extent. Combined with the no-dead-angle turning structure, the heat exchange capacity of the material is greatly improved, so the drying efficiency is 1-2 times higher than that of the traditional process. ; Filtration washing and drying equipment has accumulated nearly 15 years of market experience, and its application range is very wide in intermittent batch operation production lines.

5. Various manufacturing material options

The equipment can meet different application requirements of users by selecting materials such as stainless steel plates or alloys of different grades.

The appearance of the equipment can meet the requirements of full polishing.

6. test equipment

The company is equipped with a three-in-one test device for filtration, washing and drying, which can be provided to customers for testing; combined with later test reports, it can provide customers with equipment selection data with excellent reference value.

Wuxi ZhangHua three-in-one process flow of cylinder-cone filter, washing and drying

1. Stirring reaction

Add the material (solid-liquid, liquid-liquid or gas-liquid) that needs to be reacted from the feeding port on the top of the equipment, start the motor and reducer, and make the hollow shaft and the hollow ribbon rotate clockwise (looking down from the top). The unique stirring structure can make the materials fully stirred and fully reacted in the machine.

If the materials are to be heated or cooled during the reaction, heat medium or refrigerant can be introduced into the cylinder and the cone jacket, as well as the hollow shaft and the hollow spiral belt. The heating or cooling medium can be continuously circulated to complete the heating or cooling of the material to meet the process conditions required for the reaction.

2. Pressure filtration or vacuum filtration

After the reaction is over, open the outlet of the lower filtrate, pass compressed air or nitrogen gas into the equipment, and filter the reacted solid-liquid mixture under pressure until the materials in the machine are dried.

Vacuum can also be drawn at the outlet of the filtrate to vacuum filter the material until the filtrate is drained. When filtering, the hollow shaft and the hollow screw belt can be rotated clockwise (viewed from the top) to lift the material, and the hollow screw belt can limit the thickness of the filter cake layer when rotating, so that the material is in a thin filter cake Filter under layer conditions to increase the filtration rate. For materials that are easy to filter, it is not necessary to stir when filtering, and the materials are directly filtered to dryness.

3. Can be washed and filtered many times

After some materials are filtered, they need to be washed several times. The reaction, filtration and drying multifunctional machine is an ideal equipment for repeated washing of materials. After the material is pressed dry in the machine, the washing liquid can be added to the top washing liquid inlet, and then the filter cake is evenly repulped through the stirring of the hollow shaft and the hollow ribbon, and the material is pressed dry after the repulping is evenly stirred.

If washing once is not enough, it can be washed several times. At this time, the above steps can be repeated many times. The operation is very convenient and the labor intensity is extremely low.

Washing materials in the above method is called batch washing method. Since the material is pressed dry and then washed with washing liquid, although the valves are opened and closed a little more times during operation, less washing liquid is used.

The machine can also continuously wash the materials, that is, the washing liquid is continuously pressed in by a pump or other methods, and the pressure of the washing liquid is used to filter, while the hollow shaft and the hollow ribbon are continuously stirred, and the filtrate is continuously discharged from the filtrate outlet until Until the washing requirements are met, the filter cake is finally pressed dry. This continuous washing method generally uses more washing liquid than intermittent washing, but it is more convenient to operate.

4. Vacuum drying and discharging

The filter cake that is filtered or washed, filtered and dried remains in the machine. At this time, the heat medium is passed into the cylinder jacket, cone jacket, hollow shaft, and hollow screw belt to heat the material. At the same time, the hollow shaft and hollow screw The belt still rotates in a clockwise direction (viewed from the top), lifts the material up and stirs it fully, and vacuumizes at the top of the equipment to make the material dry in a vacuum-tight manner inside the machine.

Since the hollow shaft and the hollow ribbon are heated from the inside in addition to the jacket heating, and the drying is carried out under vacuum conditions, the drying efficiency is very high.

After drying, open the quick-open discharge port at the lower part of the equipment, so that the hollow shaft and hollow ribbon rotate counterclockwise (viewed from the top), and the dried materials in the machine will be automatically pushed to the discharge port. So far, the reaction, filtration, washing and drying processes of a batch of materials are completed.

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