Cylindrical cone filter and washing two-in-one-working principle-technical features


Cylindrical cone filter washing two-in-one equipment overview At present, the two-in-one filter and washing device, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, uses a flat sintered mesh filter inside, and through the dual functions of lifting and rotating the internal agitator, the internal solid residue is discharged out of the machine, but the conventional The device not only has a poor filtering effect, but also easily leaks the filtrate, and the user's washing is troublesome, which is not conducive to the user's repeated operations. Moreover, the conventional two-in-one filtration and washing method is often unable to quickly discharge the filtrate, and it is not convenient for the operator to completely clean the device, and it is also prone to leakage and waste of the filtrate. The high-efficiency cylinder-cone filter and washing two-in-one developed by Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery. The top cover, cylinder body and cone-shaped spherical shell are connected to each other through flanges to form a closed container. The stirring drive device drives the central shaft and the spiral stirring device surrounding the central shaft. Rotate to drive the material to achieve mixing operation; the filter device on the outer wall of the container can filter the material, the filtrate passes through the filter device and is collected by the filtrate collecting plate, and is discharged from the cylinder through the filtrate outlet.

The conical spherical shell at the bottom of the container cooperates with the bottom stirring device that fits the inner surface of the spherical structure of the conical spherical shell, so that there is no dead angle in the operation of the material in the container, which makes the stirring more uniform and does not cause waste of materials .

Cylindrical cone filter washing two-in-one working principle Cylinder-cone filtering and washing two-in-one cone or cylinder is equipped with multi-layer orifice plates and filter media to form a filter device. The inside is equipped with a stirring shaft and a variable-angle variable-lead screw stirring device. Stirring, lifting and scraping operations are performed, and the filter cake is automatically pushed out during discharge. This machine can carry out vacuum filtration or pressure filtration.

During the filtration process, the scraper in the machine continuously scrapes the filter cake on the filter screen, so that the material is filtered under the condition of a thin layer of filter cake, and the filtration rate is very high. If the material needs to be washed, the slurry can be filtered and dried in the machine first, then add the washing liquid, and use the scraper, agitator and extrusion screw in the machine to re-slurry the filter cake, and then pressurize or The reslurry is filtered into a filter cake by vacuuming. In this way, re-slurry filtration is repeated many times to wash the materials thoroughly, and finally all the filter cakes are extruded out of the machine.

1. Pressure filtration or vacuum filtration

Feed the solid-liquid mixture crystal slurry produced by the upstream reactor or crystallization equipment into the tank of the three-in-one equipment, open the lower filtrate outlet, and feed compressed air or nitrogen into the equipment to add the reacted solid-liquid mixture. Press and filter until the material in the machine is pressed dry. Vacuum can also be drawn at the outlet of the filtrate to vacuum filter the material until the filtrate is drained. When filtering, the hollow shaft and the hollow screw belt can be rotated clockwise (viewed from the top) to lift the material, and the hollow screw belt can limit the thickness of the filter cake layer when rotating, so that the material is in a thin filter cake Filter under layer conditions to increase the filtration rate.

For materials that are easy to filter, it is not necessary to stir when filtering, and the materials are directly filtered to dryness.

2. Can be washed and filtered many times After some materials are filtered, they need to be washed several times. The reaction, filtration and drying multifunctional machine is an ideal equipment for repeated washing of materials.

After the material is pressed dry in the machine, the washing liquid can be added to the top washing liquid inlet, and then the filter cake is evenly repulped through the stirring of the hollow shaft and the hollow ribbon, and the material is pressed dry after the repulping is evenly stirred. If washing once is not enough, it can be washed several times. At this time, the above steps can be repeated many times. The operation is convenient and the labor intensity is extremely low. Washing materials in the above method is called batch washing method.

Since the material is pressed dry and then washed with washing liquid, although the valves are opened and closed a little more times during operation, less washing liquid is used. The machine can also continuously wash the materials, that is, continuously press the washing liquid with a pump or other methods, and use the pressure of the washing liquid to filter, while the hollow shaft and the hollow ribbon are continuously stirred, and the filtrate is continuously discharged from the filtrate outlet until Until the washing requirements are met, finally press the filter cake dry. This continuous washing method generally uses more washing liquid than intermittent washing, but it is more convenient to operate.

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