Working principle of three-in-one vacuum dryer


The machine is designed as a double-cone tank body, one end is a filter plate, and the other end is a washing and discharge port. Steam or hot water can be passed into the jacket to heat the inner tank. The tank body is placed on the racks on both sides through the main shaft. One of the two ends of the main shaft is the steam and condensed water interface, and the steam is passed through to complete the heating process, and the other end is the vacuum port, through the vacuum pump or vacuum system, the tank is in a vacuum state, the suction filtration process is completed, and it is pumped away during the drying process. evaporated water vapor.

The motor or reducer is also placed in the frame, and through gear transmission, it drives the tank body to rotate forward and backward, so that the material is continuously turned up and down, inside and outside.

During the washing process, the materials can be fully and evenly mixed to complete the washing process. During the drying process, the heating surface can be replaced continuously to make the material heated evenly and achieve the purpose of balanced drying.

The new filter washing and drying machine has a barrel-cone structure. There are heating jackets on the cylinder body and the lower cone body to heat or cool the materials. There are hollow shafts and variable-angle variable-lead hollow shafts inside the multi-function machine. The spiral stirring device stirs, stirs and lifts the material, and pushes out the material when discharging. A conical filtering device with a relatively complex structure is installed in the lower cone, and a specially designed non-dead angle quick-opening discharge device or a non-dead angle pneumatic discharge ball valve is installed at the bottom of the equipment.

In the reaction stage, the reaction materials are added from the top, and the unique stirring structure can make the materials be stirred evenly in the machine, and the materials are heated or cooled simultaneously through the cylinder jacket, cone jacket, hollow shaft, and hollow spiral blade. Make the material fully react in the machine.

In the filtration stage, the machine can filter and dry the material in the machine by pressurizing or vacuuming, and add washing liquid, so that the material can be automatically repulped and washed several times in the machine, and then pressed dry after meeting the washing requirements. In the drying stage, the cylinder jacket, cone jacket, hollow shaft, and hollow ribbon heat the material at the same time and vacuumize the top, vacuum-tight and low-temperature drying of the material, and automatically seal and discharge the material after drying.


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