Vertical screw dryers are specially developed to reduce processing time and maximize material protection


Vertical spiral drying equipment is suitable for various drying and evaporation processes in batch operation. The drying equipment consists of a conical container with agitating screws mounted close to the container wall, specially developed to reduce processing time and maximize material protection.

The agitating helix in the shape of a double-leaf (or single-leaf) conical helix is ​​connected to the shaft through a connecting piece.

The stirring screw pushes the material up the heated container wall. At the same time, the material then goes down into the interior of the processing chamber. Effect: The entire material chamber achieves uniform temperature and material humidity.

To further reduce drying time, it is also possible to heat the auger and apply a vacuum. In the version as a convection dryer, heated steam or hot air is fed into the interior of the mixing unit and also heats up the drying unit elements.

Vertical spiral drying equipment application
The range of applications for vertical screw dryers ranges from laboratory operations to large-scale production, and from highly sensitive pharmaceutical applications to robust and environmentally friendly technology.

Based on these variable device types, we are constantly developing solutions for new application areas for our customers. Due to the very wide range of possible applications, only a few can be mentioned here: drying of raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry, sterilization of seasonings in the food industry, drying of ion exchange resins in the chemical industry, environmental technology Evaporation of solvent-containing slurries and coating of iron powder and additives in the metallurgical industry.

Vertical spiral drying equipment system features
One-sided fixed, self-centering spiral structure
The homogenization effect produced by the double-wire powder mixing screw is particularly fine and fast
Drives and bearings are out of the mix so there is no risk of product contamination by lubricants etc.
Hermetic seals are kept out of the mix/dry product, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum
Drying temperature from –20° to + 800° C
Temperature transfer via double jacket, half pipe, shaft and screw
Due to the structure, the heating surface is larger and the drying time is shorter
Above-average heat transfer due to constant agitation and intimate contact between product and heating wall
Heating medium: steam, thermal oil, water or electric heating for high temperature applications, refrigerant: brine or water
Pressure between product and heating: -1 to +40 bar
Raw materials: from carbon steel to high-quality stainless steel, such as Hastelloy
Compared with other series, the speed is lower
Larger effective volume range and better residual emptying capability
Super gasification capacity - the evaporation process is almost continuously controllable
Compared with conical and spiral powder mixing equipment, it is less disturbed and has lower maintenance costs

Variety of models for variety
Because of the rich variety of applications, it is necessary to find a suitable solution according to specific needs.

Robust machine construction, which is essential in environmental technology, is not important in pharmaceutical industry; FDA-compliant sealing devices are necessary in pharmaceutical industry, but not important in environmental technology .

Structural design: with single or double spiral
Special pharmaceutical industry specification design available
Designed and manufactured according to GMP and CIP standards, FDA, EHEDGE and HACCP compliant
Automated and certifiable CIP cleaning technology for closed machines
Types of crankshaft sealing system: seal box and crankshaft seal ring, maintenance-free professional lip seal ring, seal slip ring
Use of end mills/lump breakers and types of end mills for different products
Valves, slides, ball-segment valves or balls for product discharge
Embed samplers, temperature sensors and other devices
Delivery includes containment system

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