Vacuum Pressure Display and Troubleshooting of Vacuum Dryer


The pressure display of the dryer is generally divided into two types: medical pointer display and digital display. Of course, the pointer display is common, and the pressure digital display is relatively expensive. Thick brushed stainless steel panels are polished and reinforced shank for reinforcement.

If the vacuum dryer cannot be vacuumed, first check whether the sealing ring of the vacuum dryer is damaged. The first thing to rule out is the air leakage of the inner tank. You need to pour some water inside the box, then close the door to vacuumize, and then turn over the box. If there is a bubble in a certain position, it is the leak point. If possible, use argon arc welding. one time.

There are also some methods: inject nitrogen into the vacuum dryer and put down the foam in the place where there may be a leak. If the foam continues to expand, it means that there is a gap. If pushing the door with your hands doesn't work. It is very likely that the screws fixing the heating block on the inner tank are loose, and the rear baffle needs to be removed.

If the seal of the cabinet door is a little loose, as long as the negative pressure in the vacuum dryer reaches a certain level, there is no problem. First, pump a vacuum to see if the negative pressure gauge can reach a standard atmospheric pressure. If the pointer changes slowly during the pumping process, try to move the door to


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