The situation of domestic stainless steel reactor is worrying


It is understood that the current domestic supply of stainless steel reactor equipment is sufficient, but it will take time to compete with foreign countries! The main reason is that the core technology is insufficient. Due to the gap between the production technology of my country's reactor equipment and foreign countries, the scale of domestic enterprises is relatively small and the industry concentration is not high. However, the current situation of backward technology seriously hinders the development of the reactor market. my country's stainless steel reactor market has not formed a large-scale application condition, and fierce competition also limits the survival space of enterprises. There is no advantage in the international market, and there is generally a lack of competition. force.

The main function of the stainless steel reaction kettle is to provide a reaction place and maintain certain conditions. The process of the chemical reaction is carried out in a predetermined direction to obtain a qualified reaction product.

Almost all process equipment includes reactors, so how to select a suitable reactor series, establish the best operating conditions and design a reasonable and reliable reactor is of great significance to meet the needs of the growing process industry.

In order to actively respond to the current downward pressure on the economy, meet the capital needs of stainless steel reactor companies, reduce financing costs, and alleviate the current financing difficulties and expensive financing problems commonly faced by stainless steel reactor companies, according to the current situation, with the increase in inventory, nickel prices remain There is room for decline, and the demand for nickel will also decrease, which will continue to suppress the market price of reactors. However, considering that the consumer demand for reactors is gradually recovering, and after several months of adjustments, the domestic reactor market has entered a weak market consolidation stage, and it is unlikely that there will be an obvious downward situation in the early stage, and the price of reactors is expected to stabilize at a low level.


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