Filter, wash and dry three-in-one airtight adaptability


Filtration washing and drying equipment provides high-quality services for the plastic industry. This equipment is a product of a new design and improvement of the original drying dehydrator in response to the chemical industry's demand for a fully sealed high-performance and high-quality dryer with flow-through operation. The new The dehydration and drying all-in-one machine greatly reduces the downtime of failures, reduces the number of maintenance, and provides high drying effect. The superior performance of this product saves users a lot of money.

Filtration, washing and drying equipment has good adaptability to a variety of materials, especially suitable for the treatment of difficult-to-filter slurry and flammable, explosive, toxic, volatile, and easily polluted materials. It integrates filtration, washing and other operations. Therefore, it is an ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation in industrial sectors such as medicine, pesticide, chemical industry, dyestuff, and metallurgy.

This machine is independently designed and developed by our company, and put into practical application. It fills the domestic blank of this kind of products and replaces imported ones. It has broad application prospects in the separation of many toxic, harmful and polluting materials. Five typical uses Applicable to the pharmaceutical industry, pesticides; fine chemicals; dye and pigment chemicals; food industry; chemicals for refining agricultural products; polymers and resin products.

The filter washing and drying equipment uses centrifugal force to quickly remove the water from the slurry flowing into the rotor part through the feed port, and the water is discharged through the bottom drain pipe, while the granular material is spirally transported to the discharge port through the rotor at a high speed, assisting hot air The upper part of the dryer can also produce a countercurrent flow with the granular material. The strong airflow can quickly remove the water vapor. Since the granular material is centrifugally rotated at high speed, the material will become drier and drier. The entire drying process only takes a few seconds. , the material is quickly discharged from the discharge port into the packaging machine for automatic packaging.


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