Post-treatment process of fine chemical production process Filter type cylinder cone filter washing and drying machine


Post-treatment process of fine chemical production process Filter type cylinder cone filter washing and drying machine
In the post-treatment process of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, explosives, dyes, pigments, and other fine chemical production processes, there are often unit operations such as filtration, washing, and drying. These unit operations are usually composed of unit equipment such as centrifugal filters, washing tanks, and dryers. It operates independently, and the equipment is transported through pipelines or other methods. Multiple units of equipment are connected into a system of large devices, long processes, low efficiency, and difficult to adjust the production process. For suspensions with high solid content, solids often stick to the wall and block the pipeline, making it difficult to carry out normal production. Adopt open production, although it is convenient to deal with the blockage problem, but for medicine, It is difficult for food and biological products to meet the regulatory requirements, and there are still potential safety hazards for flammable, explosive, toxic or highly toxic materials.

In order to overcome the problems and deficiencies in the above-mentioned unit equipment combination, and at the same time meet the transformation of the chemical industry to high quality, high added value, multiple varieties, and small batches, our company has carried out a lot of design and development work, and finally successfully developed the filter cartridge. The conical filter washing and drying machine has successfully applied for a patent (patent number: ZL201721560677.6.), which has achieved a major improvement in the technical performance of the equipment, and closely follows the corresponding regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry from structural design to application. The equipment has three main functions of filtering, washing and drying, and also has many functions such as reaction, extraction, crystallization, concentration, evaporation, mixing and crushing, which belongs to the improved multifunctional equipment.

The filter-type barrel-cone filter washing and drying machine includes a base, a round hole is opened in the center of the outer wall of the top of the base, and a barrel-cone shell is clamped on the inner wall of the round hole, and the top of the barrel-cone shell is fixed with a corrugated bolt. The top of the corrugated pipe is fixed with a cover by bolts, a through hole is opened in the center of the outer wall of the top of the cover, and the inner wall of the through hole is rotatably connected with a central shaft, and the bottom of the central shaft is fixed with a spherical rotating block by bolts. Bearings are socketed near the bottom of the outer wall of the central shaft, and brackets are socketed on the outer wall of the bearings. This device realizes the integrated operation of filtering, washing and drying, improves space utilization for production enterprises, reduces production costs, and is more suitable for some toxic or The production of volatile products can ensure the tightness between the ring frame and the convex ring during filtration, and the core connection parts are conveniently connected and fastened, with strong practicability.

Filter type cylinder cone filter washing and drying machine technical parameters

Filter type cylinder cone filter washing and drying machine Technical advantages

Performance characteristics of filter cylinder cone filter washing and drying machine
From the actual operation and use of the barrel-cone multi-functional equipment to process various materials, it can be found that the filter-type barrel-cone filter washing and drying machine has many advantages, the main performances are as follows:
1. One machine is multi-purpose, and can complete various operations such as reaction, extraction, filtration, repeated filtration, washing, and drying in one machine, and the finished product can be obtained directly.
2. The operation is flexible, and the operation cycle can be adjusted by adjusting the filter pressure difference, rotation speed, screw extrusion lead, etc., so as to adapt to the change of process conditions.
3. The machine can form a very thin filter cake on the surface of the filter medium or filter under the condition of no filter cake. The filtration rate per unit filtration area is very high, so the equipment is small and compact.

4. Fully enclosed system, the operating environment is quite good, especially suitable for dealing with toxic, flammable, explosive dangerous products and delicious food biological products and pharmaceuticals that do not allow pollution.
5. It can be concentrated and filtered. Especially when it is necessary to wash the material, the material can be concentrated first, washed thoroughly in the suspended state, and finally press-filtered, which can reduce the handling of the material, reduce waste, and do not need to re-slurry during washing , The processed products are of high quality.

6. It can be used for three operations of reaction, filtration and drying, so that the functions of the three unit equipment can be completed on this one equipment, so that the equipment cost, floor area, labor intensity, energy consumption, etc. are greatly reduced.
7. The power consumption of this machine is low, and the extruded filter cake generally has lower water content than the flat three-in-one machine, and the operation is also convenient.

To sum up, the filter-type barrel-cone filter washing and drying machine is currently a relatively advanced multi-functional filter equipment. Its unique advantages will surely be more widely used in the fields of chemical industry, medicine, food, metallurgy, and textile. .


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