Anti-corrosion technology of drying equipment and organic design concept of spin flash dryer


Drying equipment is one of the most widely used unit equipment. It can be considered that the application of drying equipment has spread throughout all sectors of national production. For drying equipment, it must not be simply considered as a thermophysical dehydration machine. Due to the different materials processed in the drying process and the types of moisture content, the indicators of the products are also different.

The installation locations of the equipment are different, and there are different requirements for the material selection, equipment type, manufacturing and installation methods of the drying equipment during manufacture.
Anti-corrosion methods for drying equipment Most drying equipment is composed of welded parts, flat plates, and cylinders. To carry out anti-corrosion treatment on dryers for different purposes, the following introduces some experience in material anti-corrosion and manufacturing methods.

Phosphating - passivation process In the manufacture of vibrating fluidized bed dryers, 70% of the parts are carbon steel structures. The turnaround time between processes is long, so a large amount of rust is formed on the surface, and more manual work is required to remove the rust before painting. Phosphating—passivation process, through electrical and electrochemical reactions, through one-time treatment, can make the surface of the rusty steel workpiece show the original color of the metal, and at the same time form a dense anti-rust film on the metal surface .

It can be placed in humid air for more than ten days without rusting. Its operation method is simple, can improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity, and save manpower and material resources. For phosphating - the passivation treatment solution contains emulsifiers, molybdates, soluble phosphates and various acids, etc. This method is not only used in the above models, but also other similar structures or frames can be used for anticorrosion deal with.

The application of electrostatic powder spraying in the manufacture of drying equipment. Traditional paints and coatings are liquid, which contain a large amount of organic solvents such as ester ketones and hydrocarbons, which brings a series of troubles to production, storage, transportation, and construction. It is flammable, explosive, and very dangerous. not safe. Due to its certain toxicity, it volatilizes into the atmosphere and seriously pollutes the environment. Therefore, coating experts at home and abroad are devoting themselves to developing new coatings with less or no solution.

One of these new types of coatings is powder coatings.
With the continuous innovation of the research and development of industrial equipment in our country, the dryer industry is also constantly introducing new ones, among which the rapid spin flash dryer is the breakthrough. The rapid spin flash dryer has advanced technology, reasonable design, and compact structure. It completes drying, crushing, and screening at one time, reduces procedures, saves energy, and has no environmental pollution. The performance of the whole machine has reached the advanced level at home and abroad.

The spin flash dryer is an organic combination of swirling, fluidization, spraying and crushing and classification technologies. The equipment is compact, small in size, high in production efficiency, and continuous in production, realizing "small equipment, large production". The fast spin flash dryer adopts a variety of advanced devices, such as a variety of feeding devices, so that the feeding is continuous and stable, and there will be no bridging phenomenon during the feeding process; the bottom of the fast spin flash dryer adopts a special cooling device to avoid the material Wall sticking and deterioration occur in the high temperature area at the bottom; special air pressure sealing device and bearing cooling device are used to effectively prolong the service life of the transmission part; special air distribution device is used to reduce the resistance of the equipment and effectively provide the processing air volume of the dryer ;The drying chamber is equipped with a grading ring and a swirl sheet, which can adjust the fineness and final moisture of the material; the stirring and crushing device is used to produce strong shearing, blowing, and rotating effects on the material; the air filter, cyclone separator, and cloth bag are used Dust collector, etc., can effectively remove dust and avoid environmental and material pollution.

The equipment has strong mass and heat transfer, high production intensity, short drying time and short residence time of materials. This equipment is widely used in drying food materials such as soybean protein, gelatinized starch, and wheat starch.


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