A new generation of conical ribbon dryer is used for powder drying in pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide and food industries


A new generation of conical ribbon dryer powder drying equipment overview:

Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a new generation of vacuum drying and mixing equipment after digesting and absorbing the technology of foreign ribbon vacuum dryers. This equipment integrates drying, crushing, vacuum decompression, and powder mixing. , frame, mechanical seal, filter, ribbon agitator, conical cylinder with jacket heating and discharge valve, etc., can realize the continuous operation of the whole process as closed, and its drying efficiency is the same as that of SZG 3~5 times that of the series of double-cone rotary vacuum dryers, mainly used in powder drying in pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food and other industries.

The new generation of conical ribbon dryer powder drying working principle:

The main body of the ribbon vacuum dryer is vertically stationary, and the internally heated ribbon performs a circular stirring and lifting motion. After the material enters the drying chamber, the jacket and the stirring ribbon are used to heat the material in contact. The material is stirred in an orderly manner by the ribbon, turned over, Lifting and cascading make the material continuously contact with the wall of the heating chamber for forced heat exchange, and the solvent volatilized by heating is sucked away in a vacuum state, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid drying.

The ribbon vacuum dryer is equipped with a heating jacket by the heating cone, and the heat source is hot water, heat transfer oil or low-pressure steam, so that the inner wall of the cone can maintain a certain temperature.

The variable frequency speed regulating motor drives the single ribbon agitator to rotate through the parallel helical gear reducer, and drives the material to rotate along the conical cylinder and lift from bottom to top. After the material reaches the * point, it will automatically flow to the center of the vortex and return to At the bottom of the cone-shaped cylinder, the whole process makes the material forcedly heated in the cone-shaped cylinder, relatively convected, mixed, and the heat diffuses in the material, so that the material makes a full range of irregular reciprocating motions, and completes the same process as the single-screw belt and the cylinder. The high-frequency heat transfer and exchange on the wall surface can achieve the effect of heating and drying in a short time. As a result, the water inside the material is continuously evaporated. Under the action of the vacuum pump, the water vapor is drawn out by the vacuum pump. If the liquid needs to be recovered, a condenser and a recovery liquid storage tank can be added for recovery. After the drying is completed, open the lower discharge valve to discharge the material.

The structure and characteristics of the new generation of conical ribbon dryer powder drying:

1. The parts in contact with equipment and materials are made of "GMP" required materials.

2. Top drive, the equipment has no contact with the outside air, no leakage and no dead angle during the process of feeding, drying, mixing and discharging.

3. The design, manufacture and testing of the equipment cavity shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of pressure vessels.

4. The rotating connection part adopts the double-end dry mechanical seal approved by GMP, and no foreign matter falls.

5. The cavity and the stirring paddle are equipped with a heating flow channel, and the stirring paddle drives the material for heat exchange in an orderly and uniform manner, and the heating area is large.

6. During the drying process, the material does not hang on the wall and does not agglomerate.

7. Smoothness of parts in contact with materials: Ra≤0.4um (surface passivation or electrolytic polishing).

8. Set up an online sampler.

9. Set the valve top dead angle blowback port.

10. The operation is stable and the crystal shape is protected.

11. Low operating energy cost and high mixing efficiency.

12.Simple operation and convenient maintenance.


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