Filtration Washing Drying 2-in-1 3-in-1 Selection Key Points


Filtration Washing Drying 2-in-1 3-in-1 Selection Key Points

Filtration, washing and drying three-in-one customized products, the most basic points of customer needs in the selection, such as filtration speed, washing effect, drying efficiency and so on. Such requirements are often selected and matched from the most basic aspects, and the characteristic design of the mechanical structure itself must not be ignored when examining the quality of the equipment. Appropriate selection and reasonable matching of other parts of the equipment can greatly improve sealing performance, anti-pollution performance and the most important stable service life.

Equipment material selection, all grades of stainless steel alloy materials can meet most production and use requirements. However, highly corrosive materials (extreme acid and alkali, high content of chloride ions, etc.) are unavoidable in some productions. In such cases, the selection of materials needs to be more cautious. The trade-offs generally start from three aspects:

First [Material Corrosion Resistance] General chloride ion content materials, from normal to high temperature drying, titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, even for hydrochloric acid with a concentration below 1%, it is still stable and applicable; high concentration hydrochloric acid, hydrogen fluoride For strong corrosive solutions such as acids, Hastelloy is the preferred material for mature applications in the market; non-metallic materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene, etc., have relatively stable corrosion resistance, but problems such as coating peeling are prone to occur during equipment application. The third point will be elaborated;

The second [material manufacturing process] is also well known for the excellent corrosion resistance and stability of titanium is the difficulty of its processing technology. The material of titanium is special, and the typical problem is that it cannot be directly welded with other materials; but considering the application cost, The selection of pure titanium materials is not very acceptable. Dingchang conducts process research and development for such applications and forms a set of "composite titanium processing" process plan. On the basis of various alloys, composite titanium materials are used for overall processing of equipment, and the first successful application of titanium materials Has accumulated 16 years of process experience. The processing of precious metal materials such as Hastelloy alloys is similar to that of stainless steel alloy materials, but in the processing of complex structures, the control of details is very important, such as ribbon stirring for media with temperature controllable, mature processing technology in the equipment The service life and stability can be reflected (if the processing technology is immature, the stirring may cause leakage and deflection exceeding the standard after the equipment is used for less than one year).

The processing of non-metallic coating materials is widely used in the reactor industry, and the adaptability and stability of the process are greatly reduced for coatings with slightly complex structures.

The third [service life, performance and stability] under the premise of ensuring authentic materials, the equipment manufacturing process is the most critical factor in determining the service life and stability of the equipment in the later period. The heat transfer effect of metal materials is similar, and it is the preferred material in the heat exchange process; and in the case of alternate use at different temperatures, even different alloy materials have close shrinkage ratios, and are generally more stable. Coating-type equipment will first affect the heat exchange effect and greatly reduce the drying effect; moreover, due to the large difference in thermal expansion and contraction between the base material and the coating material, the coating is easy to peel off during the alternating use of cold and heat. And the post-repair work is not ideal; in the case of having to choose non-metallic materials, it is a recommended solution to separate the drying process; but it is worth noting that non-metallic equipment has some limitations in the selection of filter media. Disadvantages, general metal filter media will not be applicable, and non-metallic filter media must adopt a media protection structure. Large, unsatisfactory stability) all have the problem of high maintenance costs in the later period (the service life is generally several months, and the coating repair effect is not ideal).

To sum up, the balance considerations in the three aspects can also be attributed to the cost-effectiveness issue that customers are most concerned about in model selection. The high-quality equipment obtained from durable materials and high-precision processing technology will bring predictable feedback to customers in many aspects in the later stage: The equipment is stable in operation and has a long service life (customer feedback from Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery Co., Ltd. has used it for up to 10 years), low maintenance costs; high process efficiency, energy saving, increased output; high product purity, quality improvement, etc. wait.


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