Liquid low temperature vacuum dryer technology will become the development trend of domestic drying equipment


It is understood that since the early 1980s, my country's industrial drying technology has developed rapidly in the past 30 years. The product variety has grown from a dozen to more than 60 at present, and commercial dryers have developed from zero to 20,000 to 30,000 per year. In Taiwan, some large-scale domestic drying equipment has replaced imported equipment to equip domestic chemical companies.
However, people in the industry generally believe that domestic enterprises still have a lot of room for improvement in terms of energy-saving drying technology. At present, the proportion of drying energy consumption in China to the total industrial energy consumption is almost twice that of the UK. In the future, enterprises should further seek energy-saving technology upgrades.

Combined drying technology is also an energy-saving technology recommended by experts. The so-called combined drying is to connect two or more dryers, so that the combined device has the performance of different types of dryers in the drying process, and achieves the purpose that cannot be achieved with a single dryer, so it is more efficient than a single dryer. can better save energy.
Practice has proved that by controlling the moisture content of the material to be dried, the thermal efficiency can be significantly improved and energy saving can be achieved.

Therefore, he proposed that the industry should promote the combined drying method of drying materials in stages, such as the combination of spray dryer and vibrating fluidized bed dryer, the combination of paddle dryer and convection dryer, and the combination of paddle dryer and disc dryer. wait.


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