The liquid low temperature vacuum dryer manufacturer tells you what are the technical characteristics of the vacuum dryer


⒈Jiangyin vacuum dryer realizes continuous feeding and discharging in vacuum state, and the feeding amount can be set freely according to needs.
2. The heating system can adopt various forms such as steam, hot water and electric heating transfer heat oil heating.
⒊The drying temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily from 25°C to 80°C http://www.jywtjx.com/, and after 20 minutes to 60 minutes, it starts to discharge continuously until the batch is completed.

4. The crawler is made of Teflon material, which is stable and reliable in operation and has a uniform heating area. The crawler speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the number of layers can be divided into 2-5 layers, which can be determined according to the user's output requirements.
⒌A variety of material distribution devices are used to dry various materials such as liquids, extracts, powders and granules.

6. Equipped with an automatic crushing system under vacuum conditions, the number of dry particles can be arbitrarily selected according to the user's requirements.
⒎ Equipped with CIP in-place cleaning system, automatic cleaning is fast and convenient.
⒏High-quality vacuum unit is selected and carefully designed and combined, with continuous large-capacity pumping rate and stable vacuum degree.

⒐Low energy consumption, no three wastes, low noise.
⒑ Fully comply with GMP certification requirements. http://www.wxbsph.com


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