The latest drying equipment that meets the requirements of the new version of GMP Sterile grade crushing and mixing spherical vacuum dryer


Sterile crushing and mixing spherical vacuum dryer is a multi-functional equipment integrating drying, vacuum crushing and mixing. It is driven by the top or bottom. The drying body is divided into an upper sphere and a lower sphere. The upper and lower spheres are connected by hinges, and the spherical shape has no dead ends. The inner cavity can be installed between two floors, which effectively overcomes the difficulties in the aseptic production of pharmaceuticals, and is the latest drying equipment that meets the requirements of the new version of GMP.

At present, there is a great demand for vacuum dynamic dryers in the pharmaceutical industry. All agitated vacuum dryers are composed of cylindrical and conical containers with stirring devices. There are various problems in the production requirements of China's new version of GMP pharmaceuticals. For example: the horizontal vacuum stirring dryer has the disadvantages of shaft seal filling, the possibility of polluting materials, many dead spots in the inner cavity cleaning, inability to clean online, and many discharge retentions.

The vertical conical vacuum stirring dryer has problems such as uneven mixing of materials, drying dead zones, and many cleaning dead zones, which can only be cleaned by soaking. The double-cone dryer has more fatal problems such as difficult material transfer and docking, rolling balls, etc. The above equipment can be used to dry common raw materials, but if used in the production of aseptic powder, there will be fatal problems.

Sterile crushing and mixing spherical vacuum dryer is a multi-functional equipment integrating drying, vacuum crushing and mixing. When the material is dry, it is in a state of motion, and the thermal efficiency is extremely high. The lower half of the sphere can be opened for easy cleaning without residue, suitable for the production of sensitive products of high purity.

The spherical vacuum dryer is driven by the top or the bottom. The drying body is divided into an upper sphere and a lower sphere. It is the latest drying equipment that meets the requirements of the new version of GMP.

Sterile crushing and mixing spherical vacuum dryer working principle

Before adding materials, the lower hemisphere is rotated to close with the upper hemisphere by the sphere opening and closing device, and the clamp is driven by the cylinder to turn to close the quick lock, and then the discharge valve is closed. Open the feed valve to inject materials, close the feed valve, turn on the heating system, vacuum system and dry gas sealing system, the stirring paddle and the crushing knife start to run, and the dust filter is started at the same time.

After the material is dried for a certain period of time, open the vacuum sampling valve to take a small amount of sample to check whether it meets the requirements of the finished product. After the material is dried, the vacuum system is turned off, the dust filter and the crushing knife stop working, the vent valve is opened, the speed of the paddle blades is appropriately reduced, and finally the discharge valve is opened to take out the finished product.

Sterile crushing and mixing spherical vacuum dryer Technical advantages

(1) Maximum mixing and drying with the aid of a three-blade agitator

The spherical dryer utilizes a three-blade agitator at extremely high speeds for maximum mixing.

By heating the agitator, the heat exchange area can be further increased, which improves heat transfer and prevents wet substances from drying onto the agitator center and blades. This is the ideal prerequisite for short drying times and reproducible drying results.

(2) High-speed shredder reduces lump formation

In order to prevent lump formation and to avoid loss of moisture from the product, in many cases additional choppers can be added to improve the result.

Vertical choppers offer two decisive advantages. First, to help achieve consistent results independent of fill volume. Second, wet product is not sprayed onto the inner walls where the agitator cannot reach.

(3) Rapid cleaning and complete discharge

Ease of cleaning and simple emptying are the most important features of a ball dryer. Thanks to the simple construction, the spherical container and the slip ring seal above the product area, only a few spray heads or self-retracting device nozzles are required for CIP-/WIP cleaning and DIP sterilization. Cleaning fluid and solvent product residues are drained through the drain at the lowest point of the container.

Together with the slope in the direction of the outlet valve, the product is discharged completely and quickly. The product outlet uses a special ball valve to seal the container, ensuring a minimum dead zone.

(4) The inspection process is clear at a glance

For quick inspections at any time, the top-driven ball dryer can be easily opened by rotating the lower half of the ball.

This simple operation is achieved with the touch of a button and a hydraulic quarter-turn actuator actuating the bayonet style quick lock main flange open. The dryer can be fixed to the ceiling, suitable for clean room installation, for product discharge.

(5) Explosion pressure shock? no problem!

Since dryers are designed for vacuum operation, in many cases the risk of thermal decomposition or dust explosion requires dryers capable of higher pressures.

A sphere with the largest volume and smallest surface is the ideal geometry for an explosion-limited vessel. Even in the event of a power failure, the ball valve will remain in the sealing position, making it a reliable component in this fail-safe principle. Therefore, it is easy to complete the resistance explosion

The structure of the explosion pressure shock.

Spherical dynamic dryer is a vacuum stirring and drying equipment that uses a spherical container as the cavity and an upwardly inclined stirring rotor is designed in the cavity. It is a relatively new type of drying equipment at present. It can be used not only for drying, but also for Blending, granulating, etc. Compared with other drying equipment, it has the advantages of strong material applicability, high loading coefficient, good drying effect, no dead angle in mixing, no residue in feeding, easy to clean, and meets GMP requirements. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical raw materials, food health care, etc. Products, fine chemicals and flammable, explosive chemical industry production.


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