The Different Types of Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers and Their Uses


Agitated nutsche filter dryers, commonly known as ANFDs, are vital in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. They are used to separate solids and liquids in a highly-efficient manner. ANFDs are highly versatile equipment that can perform several separating functions simultaneously, saving time and energy. In this article, we will discuss the different types of ANFDs and their uses.

1. Introduction to ANFDs

ANFDs are essential equipment in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. They are used for the separation of solids and liquids from chemical reactions. ANFDs have a cylindrical body with a cone-shaped bottom. It has agitators that help in mixing and drying materials. The ANFDs work on the principle of filtration and drying, which makes it highly efficient.

2. Conventional ANFD

Conventional ANFDs are used when a high percentage of solids is required. It uses vacuum filtration, which is highly suitable for slurries with high solids content. The conventional ANFD is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The filtration rate can be controlled by adjusting the vacuum level. This type of ANFD is commonly used for the production of antibiotics, vitamins, and other chemicals.

3. Pressure ANFD

The pressure ANFD is used when the material is required to be isolated from the environment. It uses a pressure vessel to ensure that there are no leaks or contamination. The pressure ANFD can be used for high-temperature reactions or when materials are hazardous. The filtering process is done under pressure, which leads to higher product quality and purity.

4. Agitated Filter Dryer

Agitated filter dryers are used when the material is required to be dried after filtration. It uses a single vessel to perform both filtration and drying processes, leading to significant cost savings. The agitator moves the material, leading to efficient drying. The agitated filter dryer is commonly used for the production of fine chemicals, antibiotics, and vitamins.

5. Jacketed Filter Dryer

The jacketed filter dryer is similar to the agitated dryer, but it has a double wall. The inner wall is used for filtering while the outer wall is used for heating or cooling. The jacketed filter dryer can be used for temperatures up to 250°C. It is commonly used in the production of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


In conclusion, ANFDs are essential equipment used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to separate solids and liquids from chemical reactions. There are various types of ANFDs, and each has its specific functions. Conventional ANFDs are used for high solids content, while pressure ANFDs can be used for hazardous materials. Agitated filter dryers are used for both filtration and drying, while jacketed filter dryers can be used for both heating and cooling. Understanding the different types of ANFDs and their functions is crucial for efficient production and cost savings in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


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