The difference between washing and filtering two-in-one manufacturers and vacuum dryers


Vacuum dryer is a device that removes moisture from the inner parts of the container by pumping out the air inside the packaging container to reach a predetermined vacuum degree. During the drying process, the inside of the tank is in a vacuum state, and the jacket is heated by hot water (or steam, heat transfer oil). As the tank rotates at a low speed, the material moves up and down in the tank, forming a "diamond track" inside and outside the tank and absorbs evaporation. The steam is continuously discharged through the vacuum pipeline to achieve the purpose of drying the material. While drying the mixture, built-in spraying, filtering, crushing and other devices according to customer requirements can realize its multi-functional operation.

In the drying equipment market, the vacuum dryer is an important drying machine. Its appearance has made the chemical industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry get good help and greatly promoted the market. Vacuum dryer is suitable for high humidity, high consistency, high viscosity, heat sensitive paste, Continuous drying of powdery or granular materials.

The hot air that enters the air distribution tangentially enters the dryer at high speed from the bottom of the cone, (the above classifier is called "grading section"). For those materials with larger particles or higher water content, they are thrown to the dryer due to centrifugal force. The wall of the barrel is blocked by the classifier back to the drying section and dried again. Only those materials that have reached the degree of dryness and have a smaller particle size are taken out from the inner hole of the classifier ring and enter the cyclone separation with the hot air.

Driven by stirring, a strong wind field is formed, and the material fed into the dryer by the screw feeder is broken into small pieces under the action of the agitator, fully contacted with hot air, heated, dried, and under strong centrifugal action Collide with each other and rub against each other to be micronized and in a fluidized state. (The high-temperature zone from the feed inlet to the dry bottom is also called "fluidization section".) Most of the moisture in the material evaporates in the fluidization section.

The dried particles are brought into the upper drying section by the hot air, and continue drying in the cyclone field. The dried finished product is continuously unloaded into bags from the star unloader. The hot and humid air is discharged through bag dust removal and induced draft fan.

The boiling dryer uses the air to be heated by a heat exchanger to form hot air and distribute it into the main machine through the valve plate. The wet material enters the dryer from the feeder. Due to the effect of wind pressure, the material forms a boiling state in the dryer and is mixed with the hot air. Extensive contact is carried out, so that the drying of the material is completed in a short time.

Through powder granulation, fluidity can be improved and dust flying can be reduced; powder granulation can be used to improve its solubility property; mixing, granulation and drying can be completed in one machine.


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