The difference between vacuum drying oven and ordinary drying oven


The vacuum drying oven is a kind of oven that changes the boiling point of water in a vacuum state and speeds up drying. It is somewhat different from the traditional drying oven. The main difference lies in the word vacuum. In a vacuum environment, there are many ordinary environments that cannot The effect achieved is also the direct reason for many users to choose a vacuum drying oven. So under what conditions, the effect cannot be achieved in an ordinary drying oven, but the effect can be achieved in a vacuum oven?
1. When food is drying, the food raw materials with high sugar content will react with the air during the drying process, become sticky, or even burnt black or burnt. However, under the technical conditions of vacuum drying, These changes are well controlled.
2. Metal powder or metal products need to be dried at high temperature. Although ordinary drying technology can be used to dry it at this time, it cannot prevent the oxidation reaction with oxygen in the air due to high temperature. Due to the vacuum pump, it will not be oxidized no matter how high the temperature is, which cannot be achieved by ordinary ovens.
3. Drying of raw materials that need to be recycled, such as materials containing alcohol, ethanol, etc., use an ordinary drying box for drying, which is dangerous, because alcohol and alcohol are flammable gases, and contact with Nanjing Huaao dry air at high temperature It is easy to cause the danger of explosion in the state of being in a vacuum state, and it is not easy to recycle. However, in a vacuum state, ethanol, which is not easy to contact with the air, reduces the risk of explosion. Recycle.

We can observe that the use of vacuum drying equipment in some special cases above is mostly caused by unfavorable factors due to contact with air. Therefore, we can conclude that materials that are not easy to dry in contact with air must use vacuum drying equipment. Recycling requires the use of vacuum drying equipment.


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