The principle of filter and washing two-in-one design is as follows


1. The whole cylinder is designed and manufactured according to the pressure vessel.

2. The whole working process can work in a closed environment.

3. In the filtration stage, the vacuum is mainly relied on the bottom of the tank body. In order to improve the filtration efficiency, a positive pressure can be applied in the tank body, generally not exceeding 0.1MPa.

4. After the filter cake is drained, due to the high density of the filter cake, in order to make it loose, the filter cake can be scraped loose by the reverse cutting and lifting of the S-shaped paddle.

5. During the washing process, the forward rotation and lifting of the S-shaped paddle will act as agitator to fully wash the washing liquid and materials.

6. The design of the chassis and cylinder is non-detachable, and the supporting net and punching plate are laid on the chassis to facilitate the flow of liquid, and to facilitate the installation of filter cloth.

7. The filter medium can be filter cloth, non-woven fabric, or sintered net.

8. The unloading is through the reverse push of the S-shaped paddle to automatically unload the material from the side outlet.

9. The forward and reverse rotation of the stirring is driven by the motor reducer to drive the main shaft to rotate, and the speed of the hydraulic valve to complete the lifting is adjusted. The reducer can be domestic or imported.


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