Material specific gravity below 3g/cm3 Liquid content below 20% Various powders and granules with certain fluidity Conical ribbon vacuum dryer


The conical ribbon vacuum dryer is usually used for mixing and stirring powder, granular material, slurry or viscous body. It can be equipped with a liquid spraying system and can be designed as a vacuum state, a pressure state, and a heating state according to user requirements. or cooling and other process conditions, to meet the mixing and stirring of materials under various process conditions. Especially the specific gravity of the material is below 3g/cm3, the liquid content is below 20%, and various powders and granules with certain fluidity

Internal heating ribbon vacuum dryer:

The internal heating spiral belt conical vacuum dryer is a kind of spiral belt that uses the spiral belt to rotate and lift the material, and the conical jacket and the hollow spiral belt simultaneously pass into the heat transfer medium (such as hot water, heat transfer oil, steam, etc.), so that the heated material Lifting from the surroundings and falling from the middle, the rapid and continuous cycle flips, and the water vapor is taken away in time by vacuuming the cylinder, so that the materials can be dried and mixed in a short time. Compared with the traditional vertical mixer, there is no transmission mechanism in the barrel, which fundamentally eliminates material pollution caused by lubricating oil leakage, and is reliable and stable in operation. It is especially suitable for mixing powder and granules with high hygienic requirements; Stirring and mixing of viscous fluid or thick and wet materials as the main material; compared with other horizontal dryers, it is convenient to discharge, 100% of the material can be completely discharged, and it is easy to operate and maintain.

Its drying efficiency is 3-5 times that of the "double cone rotary vacuum dryer" of the same specification.

Process flow chart of conical ribbon vacuum dryer

Main functions of conical ribbon vacuum dryer
◆Strong mixing effect
Moves material near the walls upward and material in the center downward
◆Mix the flowable materials softly but completely, a large amount of materials can be mixed in a short time
◆Can achieve a high standard of uniform mixing
◆Almost all materials can be discharged cleanly

Conical ribbon vacuum dryer features:
◆Cantilever shaft structure, the bearing end is not in contact with the material
◆The gap between the stirring paddle and the container wall is very small to prevent the material from sticking
◆Standardized stirring drive box to ensure stable operation and low maintenance cost
◆Appropriate shaft seal structure is adopted for each application, and the shaft seal is installed away from the product to ensure that the tried and tested CLARE MIXERS enterprise standard agitator seal is well used
◆Comply with GMP equipment design——O-ring with special geometric shape, high-quality equipment surface treatment and elimination of dead angle.
◆The machine is directly driven by the reducer to rotate the agitator.

◆Wide range of application, can be used for powder and powder, powder and liquid mixing, can also be used as reaction equipment, drying equipment.
◆Spraying device can be added according to user's requirements, so that proper amount of liquid can be sprayed into the material.
◆The speed can be adjusted according to the needs of the process. When the speed is low, the drying effect is dominant; when the speed is high.

Its mixing effect is dominant, so by choosing this equipment, the original need for two types of equipment can be achieved, and now they can be combined into one, saving costs.

Conical ribbon vacuum dryer optional menu:
◆It can be designed to operate under vacuum or under pressure
◆Can be equipped with hot and cold interlayer
◆The upper cover is designed as a head structure according to user requirements
◆Sealing device: standard packing seal, skeleton seal, mechanical seal
◆Discharge valve: ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve are optional
◆Configurable liquid spray device
◆Add a chopping device, which can chop polymers of any size to meet the process requirements

The conical ribbon vacuum dryer can meet the process conditions:
1. Meet GMP and FDA standards
2. Satisfy the operating conditions of vacuum, positive pressure, or high temperature. When the vacuum or pressure reaches a certain level, the pressure can be maintained for a certain period of time.
3. Vacuum feeding can be used to avoid dust flying when some light fine powders are fed manually
4. Heating or cooling process can be carried out in the process of material mixing
5. Configure CIP online rotary cleaning spray ball for equipment cleaning


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