The characteristics of the conical ribbon vacuum dryer independently developed and produced by ZhangHua and the advantages of application in different industries


The Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer is a general-purpose batch dryer suitable for drying materials such as powders, granules, pastes and viscous slurries, especially when the products are heat sensitive, contain solvents and are toxic or explosive.

The conical ribbon vacuum dryer is capable of handling products that become heavy and sticky during drying, and can also be used for vacuum operations such as reaction/crystallization, heating/cooling, sterilization, liquid/solid separation and degassing.
The thermal energy required for drying is introduced to the product through a heated jacket, which can be heated by various media including steam, hot oil and water.

Combined with efficient mixing, the jacket quickly distributes heat into the product
The vacuum inside the dryer allows the vapor to be removed at low temperature, which makes the conical screw vacuum dryer produced by ZhangHua ideal for drying heat-sensitive products. Vapors are removed through a dust filter mounted on top of the vessel. This prevents dust from entering the vacuum system.

The conical screw vacuum dryer is equipped with a condenser with a container for solvent recovery. Depending on the characteristics of the condenser, this condenser can be installed before or after the vacuum pump.

The moisture content of the product can be controlled by monitoring the weight of the condensate or sampling the product from inside the dryer under vacuum using a Hosokawa sampler.

Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery's Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer is designed for vacuum drying of solid materials, but can be used in a variety of other applications that require heat treatment or vacuum treatment of solids, such as:
Chemical reaction: alkalization, solid-gas reaction
Wet agglomeration and granulation of solids
product sterilization
vacuum homogenization
Cooling of Solids and Liquids
Degassing of pastes and liquids
Combining multiple processes in one vessel saves significant investment costs, labor and space.

ZhangHua Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryers come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to your application. A number of models with typical characteristics are described below.

Note that these values ​​are for reference only. Details of all models are available upon request. (If you have any questions about the tapered ribbon vacuum dryer, please call: 13861731823, our company will give you a professional reply at the first time)

Features of ZhangHua Conical Ribbon Belt Vacuum Dryer
Due to the very gentle nature of the mixing method, even mechanically sensitive materials will not be damaged; after drying, the quality of the material is preserved, even as good as the original material; the driving force requirement is very low.

Achievable high vacuum ensures lower drying temperatures (a clear advantage for heat-sensitive materials), good heat transfer and short drying times with less energy consumption
The direct mount filter traps dust particles in the process space. Complete and easy discharge enables continuous handling of material without increasing losses. Not just solids, the integrated vacuum in the closed system also recycles moisture and solutions.

multipurpose and multiprocessing
Effectively dries loose powders into thick pastes and viscous liquids
Batch sizes ranging from 5 to 22,000 liters
No segregation, no product degradation
Fully compliant with international standards (FDA, cGMP, EHEDG)

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