Causes of failures that are prone to occur in vacuum dryers


Causes of failures that are prone to occur in double cone vacuum dryers
1. Double-cone rotary vacuum dryer, heat energy is introduced into the airtight interlayer, and the heat is transferred to the material to be dried through the inner shell. The material is in a vacuum state, and the vapor pressure drops so that the water on the surface of the material reaches a saturated state and evaporates, and is discharged and recovered by the vacuum pump in time. Driven by power, the tank body rotates slowly to achieve the purpose of intensified drying.

2. When the vacuum reaches the requirements of the double-cone rotary vacuum dryer, the vacuum valve should be closed first, and then the power of the vacuum pump should be turned off. Vacuum, which prolongs the service life of the vacuum pump.
3. If the rubber plug of the air release valve is difficult to rotate, it can be lubricated with an appropriate amount of grease inside.
4. Except for maintenance, the left box cover cannot be disassembled to avoid damage to the electrical control system.

5. The double-cone rotary vacuum dryer shall not dry flammable, explosive and corrosive materials.
6. After the double-cone rotary vacuum dryer has been used for many times, it will produce a phenomenon that it cannot be vacuumed. At this time, the door seal should be replaced or the extension distance of the door buckle on the box should be adjusted to solve the problem.
7. Keep the double cone rotary vacuum dryer clean and tidy.

If it is not used for a long time, place the exposed electroplated parts in the room of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer to prevent the electrical components from being damaged by moisture.
The above points are an overview of the causes and solutions of some double-cone vacuum dryers that are prone to failure.


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