Causes and Solutions of Spray Dryer Failures


1. Wet powder adheres to the inner wall of the main tower of the dryer:

Reasons: The material feeding speed is too fast and the amount is too large, resulting in incomplete drying; before the spraying starts, the drying chamber is not heated enough.

Solution: slow down the feeding speed and quantity, adjust the feeding pump properly; increase the inlet and outlet temperature; check whether the pipeline is blocked, adjust the solid content of the material by fire, and ensure the fluidity of the material liquid;

2. There are a lot of impurities in the product:

Reason: The source of impurities is mainly that the drying medium contains impurities, the purity of the material and liquid is not high, and there are impurities in the equipment.

Solution: Check the air filter and replace the filter screen that has been used for a long time; conduct sampling inspection on the feed liquid to filter the impurities; thoroughly clean the equipment.

3. The product rate is low, there are too many followers, and the loss is large:

Reason: There is a problem with the cyclone separator, and the dust removal performance is low

Solution: Check whether there is a gap in the cyclone separator and whether the airtightness is intact. Appropriately increase the secondary dust removal according to the material characteristics.

4. The product particles are too fine or too large:

Reason: The solid content of the feed liquid is too low, and the feed processing volume is too low, which will lead to the product powder being too fine.

The reason why the particles are too large is that the wind pressure is too low, the heat is not enough, and the moisture content of the feed liquid is too high.

Solution: If the particles are too fine, it is necessary to increase the solid content of the feed liquid; appropriately increase the amount of feed and increase the inlet air temperature to prevent incomplete drying; the solution to excessive particle size: properly adjust the air pressure, and test and judge the heating system Whether it meets the heat demand and controls the moisture content of the material.

5. The dust removal effect of the pulse bag filter is not good:

Reason: The problem mainly exists on the bag or the pulse valve.

Solution: Observe whether the cloth bag is suitable for the drying equipment, clean the cloth bag and replace it with a new one if necessary, check the grounding wire, and check whether the pulse valve is operating normally.

6. Large vibration and noise during operation:

Reason: The main source of noise is the atomizing disc and the bearing, the unbalanced atomizing disc, the bending of the shaft, the poor quality of the lubricating oil, the wear or damage of the bearing or the transmission gear will all lead to this phenomenon.

Solution: Check whether the atomizing disc is in a balanced state, check whether the bearing is working normally, repair or replace it in time when the transmission gear is damaged, and check whether the lubricating oil is added correctly.

7. Bearing temperature rises significantly

Causes: oil hole clogged, low oil quantity, poor quality, clogged cooling water pipe, damaged or worn bearing

Solution: Check and dredge the oil hole, check the cooling water pipe, and check whether the lubricating oil or bearing needs to be replaced.


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