Application of three-in-one filter washing and drying equipment in the production of vitamin E succinate


Application of three-in-one filter washing and drying equipment in the production of vitamin E succinate

The three-in-one equipment of filter washing and drying machine can complete the process of filtering, washing and drying in a closed container. The application of three-in-one filter washing and drying equipment in the production of vitamin E succinate shows that the use of three-in-one equipment has achieved good economic and environmental benefits, and the production is more in line with GMP requirements.

Vitamin E succinate is a natural vitamin E derivative. It is formed by esterification of succinic acid and the 6-hydroxyl group of α-tocopherol. It not only retains the biological activity of α-tocopherol. Studies have shown that vitamin E succinate Ester has good anti-tumor activity, and can prevent and treat various tumors such as gastric cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer.

As a solid form of vitamin E, it is widely used in medicine, health care products, food and cosmetics. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the application of vitamin E succinate in health food is very common, and the vitamin E used in almost all nutritional supplements in the form of tablets and hard capsules is vitamin E succinate.

The filter washing and drying machine is referred to as "three-in-one".

It is an equipment that completes filtration, washing, drying and other processes in a closed container. It was developed and applied abroad in the 1960s. Due to the high price of imported equipment, the domestic pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries have seldom used it. After several years of painstaking research, engineers from Wuxi ZhangHua Machinery Co., Ltd. finally successfully developed and produced a filter with independent patents. Washing and drying machine three-in-one equipment, (invention patent number: ZL201721560677.6.) The successful launch of this equipment broke the foreign monopoly and greatly reduced the price of three-in-one equipment.

Due to the use of organic solvents in the production of vitamin E succinate, there are certain safety and occupational health risks. The traditional process equipment is intermittent production, and the labor intensity of employees is relatively high. There is an urgent need to improve production conditions and reduce safety risks.

The three-in-one equipment of Wuxi ZhangHua Mechanical Filtration Washing and Drying Machine replaces the centrifuge and boiling dryer in the production of vitamin E succinate, and has achieved good economic and environmental benefits, and the production is more in line with GMP requirements.

The old process of producing vitamin E succinate
D-α-tocopherol and succinic acid are esterified, recrystallized, filtered, pulverized, and dried to prepare vitamin E succinate. The original process uses a centrifuge to filter and wash, and the filter cake is shaken.
Pulverize with a granulator, and then dry with a boiling dryer. The flow chart of the process is as follows: crystallization solution → rejection filtration, washing → crushing → boiling drying

The old production process of vitamin E succinate has the following disadvantages:
1. High security risk.

Using a centrifuge to filter, because the materials processed by the centrifuge are flammable and explosive, it is easy to cause combustion and explosion accidents. And because of its extremely high speed, if the operation is careless or illegal operation, contact with the material in the rotating drum of the centrifuge will cause finger and arm amputation accidents. In addition, drum rupture, drum displacement, and manhole cover flying out due to various reasons will also cause serious casualties.

2. Large environmental pollution. Since the wet product contains 40% solvent by mass, it will volatilize into the atmosphere after being boiled and dried, and cannot be recovered effectively, causing great environmental pollution.

3. Unable to airtight production, does not comply with GMP.

Material transfer operation is required between the steps of filtration, crushing, and drying. The automation level is low, and more personnel are required for each shift operation. During the material transfer operation, there are risks of occupational diseases such as solvents and dust, foreign matter control and other quality control difficulties, and GMP management is difficult. .

4. It occupies a large area. The old process layout requires a centrifuge, a swing granulator, and a boiling dryer, and the production equipment occupies a large area.

Vitamin E succinate production filter washing and drying machine three-in-one equipment new process flow

After esterification of d-α-tocopherol and succinic acid, recrystallization, enter the three-in-one, complete filtration, washing, drying in the same equipment, and dry to obtain the finished product.

Filtration: Add the crystallization solution into the three-in-one, and pressurize the three-in-one to filter with nitrogen. In order to speed up the filtration, you can also vacuumize the filtrate tank. If air leakage (and cracks) are found in the filter cake, the stirring paddle can be lowered and reversed to flatten the surface of the filter cake.

Washing: After the filtration is completed, add a solvent to wash, and the residual mother liquor on the crystallization surface of the filter cake can be washed clean to remove impurities and improve product quality.

Drying: After the filtration, turn on and gradually reduce the three-in-one stirring, turn on the vacuum system, and dry the solvent contained in the filter cake. To speed up the drying, you can pass hot water in the three-in-one jacket for heating. Equipped with a solvent recovery system during drying, the vapor discharged from the solvent after drying enters the condensation recovery device, and the solvent can be used mechanically after condensation, reducing solvent loss.

After the drying is finished, the product can be obtained after sampling and testing are qualified.

The advantages of three-in-one equipment for the production of vitamin E succinate filter washing dryer

The filter washing and drying machine can carry out the continuous closed operation of the whole process of filtering, washing and drying in the same container, and the material can be discharged automatically. Compared with the traditional process, it has the following advantages:

1. The production system process is fully sealed. The fully enclosed production process from the beginning of crystallization to the end of drying, this set of equipment is a fully enclosed operating system, the production process is more in line with GMP requirements, eliminating dust volatilization factors, controlling foreign matter pollution, and reducing the risk of microbial contamination.

2. Safe and secure. The use of a filter washer-dryer instead of a centrifuge to filter the filter eliminates the safety risk of the centrifuge. The filter washing and drying machine can be filled with nitrogen for protection during the filtration process, and the safety risk is extremely low.

Due to the fully enclosed operation of this production system, it can completely avoid the pollution of the solvent to the operating environment air during the production process.

At the same time, it can reduce the occurrence of operator poisoning accidents caused by contact with toxic substances. This advantage is even more important today when the voice of safety and occupational health is getting higher and higher.

3. More environmentally friendly.

Because the entire production system is a fully closed system operation, materials and solvents can be recovered almost 100% completely, avoiding waste caused by material omission, legacy and solvent volatilization, which has great economic benefits, especially in the treatment of materials and use This is especially true at higher solvent values.

4. Simple operation and high degree of automation. Each process is carried out in stages, and the safety measures are complete. The operators can complete the operation after simple training, and the labor intensity is greatly reduced.

5. Improve product quality. Because this equipment can re-stir and suspend the filter cake during the washing operation, the impurities in the filter cake can be cleaned thoroughly, which is conducive to improving product quality.

6. Use the same system to complete all operations.

Filtration, washing, and drying can be completed in the same system, and the workshop space has been utilized to the maximum. In the era when every inch of land is expensive, reducing the floor space can save a lot of capital investment.

7. Clean production. This filter washing and drying machine can operate in a closed manner, and is equipped with a dust collector to completely collect the dust generated after drying, which can meet the production operation requirements of high cleanliness.

8. Realize online cleaning. The filter washing and drying machine is equipped with a spray ball, which can easily realize online cleaning operation. Compared with traditional equipment, it can reduce solvent volatilization and safety risks during cleaning.

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